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Aug 01 2016 @ Peter Church 0 Comments

Hi there. Ever since we upgraded to Presspoint from PauPress we have had major issues. The plugin keeps deactivating which completely breaks the site, which is a very important site to NOT be broken… Why is this happening? We are running WordPress 4.5.3 and using a custom theme.. The site I am talking about is

Thank you for your time


please respond to if you are going to be using email.

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Jul 21 2016 @ Gayann Phillips 0 Comments

We would like to set up relationships in our database install so that we can personalize emails correctly, without increasing the number of contacts on our MailChimp account to handle. Essentially, we send general communications (newsletters) to a household but, we also need to be able to target only the specific people who match criteria in a saved search (such as a member of the board, but not them and their spouse/partner). Essentially, they share the email, physical address and home telephone, but not the same mobile or work numbers and they may hold different roles in our community. Is this possible? I can’t find any documentation that explains this.

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Jul 21 2016 @ Peter Church 3 Comments

I just edited the display settings for the user profiles and came across an old contact email address. We need to change this to another updated email address so we get notifications.. I can not find that contact email anymore. Please help.

3 thoughts on “need to update contact email for notifications

  1. I finally did find the old contact email buried deep in the presspoint plugin interface

  2. Responding here and directly via email. We’ve received a few communications from you this year and have responded repeatedly on all of them.

    Would very much like to help. Can you please confirm which email we should use to communicate with you? For example, this is attributed to Peter Church but lists heather at eftuniverse dot com as the email address.

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I would like to be able to display different event types on in different areas, all from a single calendar. Is there a way to add this to the widget short code?

This account was opened under a company/single login and I am the developer. Can you respond to or include my email in this chain please.

Thank you.

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Jul 05 2016 @ Melissa Irvine 1 Comment

When we set up a directory on a page the view is fine until we ‘view’ a contact or organisation.

This loads at the top of the page and is half covered by our primary menu area.

Do you have any suggestions on how we can move where the view profile element will appear on the screen.

We use DIVI theme from elegant themes and have our whole system built on this platform so getting rid of this is not an option unfortunately.

Many thanks

One thought on “directories

  1. Melissa,

    I am drafting a response back to you on your request about conditional logic. In the meantime, this is an easy one to answer.

    You will want to change your setting for Presspoint’s Display preference to “endpoints” and you can find that on your installation here:

    Once you do that, all Presspoint components will show normally as if they were on the page itself.

    Also, we use Divi and it’s a great theme so, know that it’s 100% compatible with Presspoint.

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Jul 05 2016 @ Melissa Irvine 1 Comment

Can conditional logic can be used within fields? We are trying to reduce lists sizes.

We have to use Australian Bureau of Statistics Data standards so we have to use thousands of suburb names and link these to a value. This is impractical for the user to scroll through this so it would be best to select state/ territory first then only show the local government areas for that state then only show the suburbs for that LGA.

We also have thousands of service types that can be categorized into about 10 main categories and many questions that should only be shown when a certain answer is selected.

Is there any way we can link questions like this as you can do in gravity forms?

Also is it possible to use gravity forms to populate profiles?

Many thanks

One thought on “conditional logic

  1. Melissa,

    Forgive the delay in getting back to you. I wanted to think about your request a bit. There are two parts:

    1) Conditional Logic: The short answer is that Presspoint does not natively support conditional logic. The longer answer is that have developed custom implementations of conditional logic for other clients – most notable for another government entity so, it is possible to do spot implementations in a forward-compatible way. We also support the chozen select field API which enables typing-filtered select lists capable of handling large hierarchical data sets without the need for conditional logic. So, perhaps a combination approach might be worth considering?

    2) Gravity Forms: Yes, we have a number of customers and clients who have used Gravity Forms to map data inputs with a GF form to fields created and managed by Presspoint. The process is rather straightforward – you simply need to create the fields in Presspoint, save the database key and then specify that key along with the user_id and the field type being a user_meta key. Though this works well for front-end submissions, it doesn’t allow for user editing of profiles with Gravity Forms so, depending on your entire organizational flow, it may not ultimately work for you.

    As I thought about this I weighed our usual stance on self-sufficiency as in your case, Gravity Forms would appear to be a very concise means of achieving the end. But ultimately, I think if possible it would be best to try and keep the functionality within Presspoint as much as possible.

    To that end, if you would like to chat further about how that might be possible – and if you’d like to share with us your logical processes for our input, I’d be happy to arrange a meeting. While we generally charge for our consulting work, generally we waive an initial consult when we haven’t done a guided demonstration up front.

    Please let me know how this strikes you and do feel free to email me back directly. The support system is designed to log these interactions but it is currently be overhauled and it may prove easier and more expedient to communicate directly over email.



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Jun 16 2016 @ Mike Zyvoloski 0 Comments

Can I get on the phone with someone today? I need to present something with your plugin tomorrow.

This is our basic workflow:

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Jun 01 2016 @ Tamer Abdelaal 15 Comments

Can’t access the user account access – the section doesn’t show up on ANY users (I am the admin for the site – different from the purchaser of the product)

I also am testing the differences in your responses in this form vs. the profile form i filled out. 🙂

15 thoughts on “User Access

  1. Tamer,

    on the login form settings you can set the redirect to be whatever you like. You’ll find it within your install:

    Sorry for the delay but I’m emailing you now to ask about your availability for a demo.

  2. Tamer,

    looked at the page and while I don’t have a login, everything seems to be good.

    Flushing your permalink cache you just need to go to Settings > Permalinks. Just visiting the page does the trick.

    Flushing your site cache depends if you are using a plugin or if your host is caching for you. In this case, ask someone who knows!

    Following that thought, let’s move this conversation over to email and we can set something up for next week. I’ll loop Scott into that thread. We’re still upgrading out ticketing system to make ready for 3.0 so, email may prove to be easiest for now. Ideally both of you would be on the walkthrough as it’s less about setup and more about how to use Presspoint.

    1. Frank,
      We need to schedule that demo, now that I can’t figure out why the login takes them to the homepage.

      I looked at your user manual and there is a whole section that doesn’t even apply and there is no explanation of the login functionality anywhere else. Once they login, I want to take them to a client portal page that will show them the links to other content that they have access to. I don’t want them to login until they select the client portal link I have put on the footer until I can get this figured out!

    2. Thanks for your help so far Frank – it looks like we have the login squared away (endpoints did the trick), coupled with the individual page access control. Now that I have a better understanding of the login/access, our conversation/demo next week can be more productive.

      Thanks again for your help!

  3. Tamer,

    thanks for the feedback and the link. More specifically, is there a page you have attempted to test the login feature where I can see the 404 being generated?

    Before you do that though, make sure that you do two other things:

    1. Visit your site’s Permalinks setting page to flush your permalink cache. If you’re caching your WP site, you may also want to flush the site cache too.

    2. Set your installation to “endpoints” which you can find here in your own install:

    By default, Presspoint utilizes a “panel” system that was originally modeled to present functionality within the immediate context. While it works well, the user experience isn’t always appropriate and in many jquery-heavy environments there may be conflicts.

    3. Bonus. If you proceed with #2, do #1 again just in case.

    For the recommended settings request – that’s hard to do because every situation is different and in many cases customers will change their preconceived processes based on the presented options.

    That said, we never did a demonstration with you and I’d be happy to do a quick walkthrough with you where we can address some of your business process questions and see where Presspoint can help out. Beyond that we also offer consulting and onboarding services where we can do deeper into your model and discuss options open to custom development – this happens often with complex processes and not so often when process, though deep are at a maturity where flexibility is an invitation to growth.

    Let me know what you think and if the walkthrough sounds like a good plan, we’ll take that scheduling conversation into direct email.

    1. Update: Endpoints worked, but now it just sits there with a logged in message and doesn’t show the actual page – hung up on this page

      BTW…I don’t know how to flush my permalink and site caches.

    2. Frank,

      Forgot the weblink for you to check the 404 message..Check the footer for Practice Support Center

    3. Frank,

      Thanks for all the info & YES–I will take you up on your offer of the walkthrough; however, I want you to work directly with Scott Charlton (, he is the one responsible for getting this done and I just care about using it!
      How can I add him to the “account” so he can have these conversations with you online and take me out of the middle?

      Thanks for your help!

  4. Tamer,

    do you have a URL where I could see your installation? The 404 error sounds like a javascript issue and if so, based on your theme, I may be able to tell you the source of the error.

    That said, if you’re looking to protect specific pages, you should review this article:

    What you would want is the “Individual” setting for pages. Once enabled, you can then select a saved query (eg. for your sales agents) to allow access. In choosing the “login” option, it will present an option for a sales agent to login. In the “Welcome” message on your login form, you can provide a link to the registration page wherever you like to place it.

    Does this get closer to what you are looking for?

    1. Btw…We are running the Salient Child Theme

    2. Frank,
      First off, thanks for the link, and more importantly the setting recommendation.

      Here is the link to the site we are adding it to
      I can definitely do a Skype call and show you my screen if you need to get into the backend.

      Once I get login issues correct, I shouldn’t have any issues with protecting pages. I would love to get your “recommended setting’s” for some of them because their is a lot of control.

  5. Thanks for the reply, Tamer.

    Hopefully that resource I shared helped. Let me know if things are holding you up. Some items are typical learning curve scenarios but some, like the login situation are a result of growth and change and we’re actively working to improve that experience.

    1. Frank,

      Where I’m having a problem is editing an access/login form – the short code, direct link and permalink options all point to a paupress/login page giving me a 404 error.

      I understand how to use (and how we are going to use), but i just need to “protect” some pages for our salespeople. When they show up, they either need to log-in or sign up….How do you give them those options?

  6. Thanks Frank – it is for our own use.

    I’m not a WP expert, so I’ve been having problems just getting a login page that I can have our external sales teams log into for their sales material and managing their pipeline (we haven’t purchased the opp/event packages until we get the content and access user rights set up correctly).

  7. Tamer,

    Generally we reply back within 24 hours on all support requests. You should have received a reply back on your prior request. Please advise if you do did not!

    You may find login and logout forms under Access Forms from the Dashboard under Profiles & Forms.

    By your comment – is this installation for a client or is this for your own use within your company?

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May 24 2016 @ Nicole Nguyen 0 Comments

Hi, I can’t seem to see Presspoint when logged in as another do I get it to show up?

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May 24 2016 @ Nicole Nguyen 0 Comments

Hi, Gravity Forms offers a number of features that is lacking in Presspoint. I wondered whether we can integrate the two? Features I need which are currently available through Gravity Forms:

(1) Signature field: users need to be able to sign their signature to forms
(2) Upload file field: users need to be able to upload copy of Drivers licence etc.
(3) As an Agent, we advertise “Businesses for sale” so I need to embed a form to each Internet page so that Buyers can submit a form enquiry specifically relating to that Business for sale and, within that form the “Page” field automatically populates. A buyer may submit multiple Business for sale enquiries so I also need the field to be “taxonomy” based so that we can see which Internet pages the buyer has submitted enquiries on and click through to see the Ad…I have attempted to add a field to pull up “My Listings” (this should bring up a list of our Internet Ads) however the taxonomy field I’ve created is not bringing up “My Listings”…

I was so excited to have an All-in-one system so hoping that I’m just stupid and you can point me in the right direction 🙂

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