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Aug 07 2013 @ Willem Cornax 2 Comments
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When I have the login option on the front screen, it disappears behind the header of the theme (currently Thoughts by WPexplorer). In another theme (Ryu) the login option at the front screen messes with the lay-out of the theme. Any thoughts on how I can correct this?

Kind regards,


2 thoughts on “Login menu behind header

  1. Ok, thanks I will wait for your mail.

  2. hey Willem,

    I’ll email you to see if you can share some links I could take a look at. Based on that, I’ll provide a fix for you!

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Aug 06 2013 @ Peter Jackson 1 Comment
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I cannot get Paupress Pro to activate when using the Enfold theme (but your basic version does). Any ideas to fix this?

Thanks, Peter

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  1. hi Peter,

    this issue was a bug that has been fixed with the just-now release, version 1.0.7 — Please go to your Dashboard > Updates and update PauPress Pro to version 1.0.7 and then attempt to activate.

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Aug 04 2013 @ Justin Walker 7 Comments
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This is urgent and we need help figuring out what is going on with our installation.

We have recently upgraded to 3.6 and noticed that Pro can not be reactivated.

Please help.


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  1. Thanks Frank for the fix. It worked great.

  2. Thanks Frank with the response. We figured it was something with the Upgrade or just a mini fluke.

    We appreciate the quick response and fix.

  3. Justin,

    got the problem and a fix for you immediately. we’ll push the update for all pro users within the next 24 hours.

  4. hey Justin,

    taking a look at this now! have you tried disabling all other plugins and then reactivating?

  5. Here is the Fatal Error code we see when installing the PauPressPro after the basic installation has been installed and activated.

    Here is the code from the Report file.

    Our next step is to install this on a stripped wordpress install and see if it works there.

    Please help us as soon as possible. Thanks! Domain name is:

    1. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in \\CSCLUSTER02\CLOUDSITES03463\\webroot\wp-content\plugins\paupro\paupay\reports\paupay-reports.php on line 676

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Aug 04 2013 @ Justin Walker 1 Comment
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Hello Paupress.

Do you have any suggestions in getting a plugin such as Facebook AWD to work with Paupress? Are their any plugins for Facebook Logins that work side by side with Paupress?

Thanks so much,

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  1. hey Justin,

    social login is definitely on our roadmap but just not an immediate option.

    that said, there are a bunch of hooks and filters in the paupanels scripts that let you add routines to the processing engine so, it’s definitely possible but something you’ll have to go into the code for right now. if you’re wanting to go that route, I would suggest looking at how the e-commerce routines manage the option to either login or proceed to payments. I’d be happy to chat with you about how PauPress might handle some specific routines if you have some in mind.

    also, if this is a critical component for you, we can code this option for you on a contract basis.

    let me know if either of these approaches have an appeal for you. thanks!

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Aug 01 2013 @ Robert Bower 2 Comments
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I’ve purchased, downloaded and installed PauPro. After ‘activating’ the plugin, it does not show up on the left nav section as stated in the instructions. When selecting ‘settings’ from the plugin section, it simply says ‘you do not have permission to this area’.

I’ve uninstalled all other plugins. So I can’t enter the license key to use the plugin.

Need to have this up and running this afternoon for a customer demo tomorrow morning, would appreciate any help I can get!



2 thoughts on “Installation Problem

  1. Solved the Pro installation problem by installing the PauPress Basic first.

    Would be an excellent addition to the Pro install instructions!

    1. hey there — glad you figured it out!

      the instructions are there but it’s at the bottom of the receipt. we’ll definitely see if we can make that more visible!

      let me know if there’s anything else you need for sure.

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Jul 30 2013 @ Gary Tordjman 5 Comments
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I have a question about the translation. Is it possible to integrate a translation with paupress in WordPress?
The pau-panel is not very flexible and there isn’t any documentation about that.


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  1. I have translate the labels manually whith jQuery.

    1. Thanks, Gary for letting us know. There’s a possibility we’ll get a chance to address this in the near future and if that happens I’ll definitely be in touch!

  2. hi Gary,

    currently, the only way to embed a form outside of the panel system is to do that using the developer API which is coming… soon! Let me know if you’d like help setting that up.

    as far as exposing the labels to the various translation plugins, that’s something we’d like to be able to offer down the line for sure.

  3. Yes I wanted to change the label when the language in site is set en or fr. I using qtranslate.

    Is there any way to put the form in a page or post?

  4. hi Gary – thanks for you question!

    I’m assuming you want to change the label of the field depending upon the language of the user? Currently, there isn’t a way to have multiple labels for each field but this is something that could happen. Are you using WPML on your site?

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Jul 02 2013 @ Dennis West 1 Comment
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Hi, I just purchased the pro version and am seeing in the documentation that there is another plugin for converting existing data to work with paupress CRM.

Where can I download that plugin and will it work to convert the data that is stored in WP-CRM?


One thought on “Converting data stored in WP-CRM

  1. hi Dennis,

    thanks for purchasing the pro version! We do have a conversion kit and the way it works is it allows you to match up PauPress fields that you create with existing fields in the User Meta database. You can download that here:

    It should see data from WP-CRM and allow you to match that data to a new field in PauPress, however, that plugin does store some of its data in a non-standard way — in particular the checkboxes. Also, it won’t import your notes at the moment. We’ve had this request come in already so, we’re working on a more complete migration tool that will automatically detect the existing fields and notes and bring them over into PauPress.

    Depending on your timeline and your data, this may be of interest to you too. If so, let me know!

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First of all, I really like your plugin. Especially the backend user management options.
I have a few questions/requests though.

1. How can new subscribers get a password? There is no confirmation mail sent and I cannot include a password field in the signup form. I would like to add a (customizable) confirmation mail including the password.
2. Is it possible to style the signup form? Or create my own template?

Thanks in advance,
Pieter Middeldorp

One thought on “Email notifications

  1. hi Pieter — glad you like the plugin!

    To answer your questions:

    1) By default, users have the option at signup to create their own password. Once you enable registration and either link the signup form from the panel launcher, shortcode/link or menu you should see that right away. Once they signup, you can customize the welcome message. If you’re already seeing this then, perhaps you’re looking fro a confirmation mail at some other point in the process?

    2) It is possible to style the signup form. On the “Panels” menu you can choose a light or dark theme to start and from there it’s easy to override any of the panel styles from your theme. Simply find the style declarations on the page and override them. Typically, if you declare your styles like such: #paupanels-wrapper selector { style } you should be fine. If your customization isn’t being honored then you can follow the style rule with !important like so:

    #paupanels-wrapper a { color: #555 !important; }

    the above rule will turn all links the in panel to a medium grey.

    We definitely want to extend this and make it even easier to style and customize. happy to hear your suggestions.


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