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Dec 30 2014 @ Tom Williams 1 Comment
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Just running through the process again

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  1. did you get this? I never saw the email for you on this ticket either. Can you try and reply via commenting on this ticket?

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Sep 29 2014 @ Andrew Klein 1 Comment
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Everytime I try to send an email, it fails. It says something about the editable regions: Do I absolutely have to use the mailchimp template provided? Or can I make my own, while inserting the editable region fields or code such as: Your Content Here


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  1. hi Andrew,

    you can use whatever template you like on MailChimp. The only present caveat is you have to use a template that is not the drag-and-drop type as that’s not currently supported.

    If you check out the tutorial here:

    It details how you can set the main editable region, which is all paupress needs to insert content for a campaign.

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Jul 21 2014 @ James 3 Comments
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Suddenly, I’m getting a javascript error on my panel for uploading a resume. The workflow is like this:
1. user registers
2. paupress logs in the user, then redirects to a page on the site
3. this page on the site uses a pp shortcode which launches a panel for file upload
4. when user clicks the link, the panel opens and all looks good, but the button to upload does nothing.

* I inspected the error console and see the JS error “Uncaught ReferenceError: wp is not defined”
* I haven’t upgraded any plugins other than Paupress in the last few months
* This definitely used to work

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  1. glad you found a fix – the file upload should be loading those elements automatically, however, it’s come to be a bit unreliable and adds a ton of weight to the front end. In the 2.0 updates we’re moving to a much more stripped down file upload utility.

  2. James James says:

    This fixed it but is overdoing it:

    function load_media_manager () {
    add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘load_media_manager’);

  3. James James says:

    this may help:

    seems similar. i’m going to try to ensure the media editor js is loaded on all front-end pages if I can. I’ll let you know if this helps.

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Jul 16 2014 @ Phil Braun 3 Comments
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I get quite a few login errors on our site here.

I have a “login” PP link in the footer, and also on some partly password-protected pages. Entering the mail and password gives a “welcome back, _name_” message in the PP panel. However, nothing else happens – no reload of the page, no login, nada.
The “login” link or button stays visible, indicating that login did not happen. When the user then clicks on the “login” link or button again, it says something along the lines of “sorry, an error occurred. try reloading the page”.

This happens on the front page, but sometimes also on other pages. Usually, opening some other page right after this happens does make the login really go through: “login” changes to “logout”.

I just tested this on the latest Firefox on OSX, but I’ve seen the behaviour with Chrome as well. With Safari, the login reload usually starts only after a few seconds, making any hurried user think it did not work.

Is there anything special we should know about the login processus, things we should take care of?

Thanks, Phil

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  1. Phil,

    following up with you on this via email.

  2. I’ve now added two actions to the Login panel:
    1) display some “hello” message, like the system does anyway, (but apparently it’s healthy to keep it busy)
    2) redirect to “login”, which seems a bit silly but now apparently does do the trick, after the countdown.
    I’ll test some more, but it looks like this workaround could work.

  3. (This above error is rather a nuisance since we just published and promoted password-protected pages and now get customer complaints about it not working)

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Jul 12 2014 @ Jinobi Narain 1 Comment
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Hi, I have installed Paupress on a fresh WordPress Installation with Dynamix Theme. However, upon activating the PRO version, a margin is added to the site on the right side.

Once the PRO edition is disabled, the margin disappears and the theme appears in full screen without any issue. I have used this theme with many sites and you can see how it appears here.

Looking forward to your assistance.



One thought on “Theme Issue – Right Margin

  1. Jinobi,

    this is a known issue that is scheduled to be patched this coming week. If you want to go ahead and apply a simple patch immediately, in your style sheet you can paste the following snippet:

    #paupanels-tabs #pp-menu { height: 0; }

    Let me know if you need further assistance!

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Jul 11 2014 @ Phil Braun 2 Comments
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Our client wants us to simplify the registration process as much as possible, to the point where it’s basically no longer recognizable as such.

1) is it somehow possible to get PauPress to automatically and invisibly generate a password for each new registrant?
2) can we generate a “welcome” mail that includes all the login data for every new registrant?
3) can I somehow define PP fields like street address as required only for selected forms?


2 thoughts on “Simplifying the registration process

  1. Hi Frank,

    2.0 really does sound great!
    Do you happen to have an E.T.A. for it?


  2. hey Phil,

    the answer to all three questions is… yes – in 2.0.

    not to be flip about it but these are many of the enhancements we’ve been very excited about because they’re part of the larger enhancement to dealing with forms.

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Jul 08 2014 @ Lisa West 2 Comments
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Is there a way to set up a standard email that can be sent when an invoice is paid? We received checks and change the status of an invoice to completed. It would be nice to have an email sent out without having to select the ’email’ action and retype the email every time. That gets cumbersome when there are many invoices being paid at one time.

2 thoughts on “Email confirmations when apply payment to invoices

  1. OK … thank you Frank. I will look for it in a future release.

  2. hey Lisa,

    this is a planned feature that’s nearly complete. It may make it into the 1.x bug releases we’re still doing but it will definitely be part of 2.0. If it’s any consolation, we have to suffer through this too at the moment for invoices we have to manage.

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Jun 24 2014 @ Simon Thoumire 1 Comment
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Dear Paupro,

Your plugin breaks my website. This is caused by function paupress_error_log not being defined anywhere in the file system. Perhaps you left out some files?

Plugin Name: PauPress Pro
Plugin URI:
Description: The Pro version of the award-winning CRM framework for WordPress.
Version: 1.5.6

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  1. hi Simon.

    Do you have both PauPress and PauPress Pro installed and active? Both are required to run “PauPress” as a system.

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Jun 10 2014 @ Phil Braun 3 Comments
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This is probably a bit silly, but I’ve just been told that our client wants the registration process for new supporters to have a double opt-in. i.e.
1. new user fills registration form
2. mail is being sent to him/her
3. he/she has to click a link in this mail for his/her registration to proceed/finish.

I had set up a “new supporter” form, and am now changing this to use the PP registration form after reading around in the forum and getting the impression that this must be how PauPress intends it to be used. The main reason, however, is that there are actions that can happen after signup, one of which is “send e-mail”.

Is there a capabiliy in PP to have a “are you sure you want to support us? If so, please klick on this link” set in the new registrants welcome mail? (If there isn’t, of course anyone could just sign up anyone else for the fun of it).

If PauPress can’t (yet) offer this:
1. is this planned for the next big release?
2. there’s no way to use mailchimps double-opt-in as stand-in, is there?


3 thoughts on “Double opt-in registration

  1. Hi Frank
    without having thought this through, but in our case:
    – someone does not complete the process = not part of the “official supporter” user group that can be publicly displayed, also no newsletter or similar communications, no login onto the site.
    – process that has to be finished = simply click on a link in the “welcome” mail that is automatically being sent upon registering.

    This should all be very similar to what almost every other service out there has: one’s account is only activated after clicking on a link sent in an e-mail.

    (Otherwise: what’s stopping me from adding you to whichever sites I might find, built on PauPress?)

    Actually, I’ve been thinking about what Social Media interactions could mean with respect to this. I think automatically making supporters out of people who have shared or liked something we wrote will definitely not work. I’ll have to check out how some PP competitors handle this 🙂

    Thanks, Phil

  2. hey Phil,

    not that silly at all – this request has been made before so, it’s a fairly common use case. I don’t expect this will be in the next major release for PauPress but it is a planned item.

    The big question here is, what defines a “completed process” and what does it mean if/when someone doesn’t complete the process? PauPress, like this class of system, is greedy by default so, the process is “complete” as soon as a form is submitted. Knowing that would help greatly in determining how to advise you.

    1. Frank,
      here’s an additional short question: there’s probably no way to have a mail include a newly registered users username and password from PauPress?

      Oh, and a small aside: I have no idea where some of the text in PP mails is coming from. Thank-you mails sent after a donation, for example, still have the english “donation” interspersed here and there (quite prominently, in fact), while all mentions of it seem to be translated in the PP Pro .po file.


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Jun 05 2014 @ Phil Braun 4 Comments
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I’m sure this is something very simple, but I can’t currently wrap my head around it.
We want to show a list of supporters: people who entered their data into PP and said “yes” to being displayed.
There will be a page with the entire list of supporters, and there also should be a short list of say the 5 latest supporters displayed in a widget on various pages.

Is there any shortcode available to do this from PauPress?

Thanks, Phil

4 thoughts on “Create a public list of supporters

  1. Actually, we don’t even need any directory features, and certainly no “search” – we just want a nicely formatted list of people who are supporters.

    I’ve now coded it myself, as apart from the positioning bug (you’re probably using php echo instead of php return?) the look of most out of PauPress as it currently looks is really not compatible with what we do.

    This is one of PP’s main weaknesses right now: one does feel just about everywhere that PP output was designed to live in the drop-down panel, not on the page, and that it’s been designed so as to work there.

    There are many many font settings for example that I now have to override.

    The goal, to me, should be for PP to work like WooCommerce – there are standard settings, but almost everything can quite easily be styled, and almost everything can be embedded where and how _I_ want it, using shortcodes.

    1. A custom list is best in this case but, understood – the next major release will reflect a major rethink in PauPress deployment.

  2. hi Phil,

    The directory feature is growing and we are adding a few more features to manage the display. There isn’t a way to make it into a sidebar widget just yet but I suspect that will probably come sooner than later.

    As for the problem you are detecting with positioning – that is an output bug that we’re currently working on and should have resolution on in the next few weeks.

  3. This thread pointed in the right direction for the “list of supporters” question:

    After setting the search form to display:none; it is beginning to look like what we want. Of course, being able to switch the search form off in the backend would be a much preferable way of doing this.

    However, the problems that still remain: for some unfathomable reason, the list is displayed at the top of the page’s content, instead of after the introductory text, where the shortcode is placed.
    Also, the display is very much like a list, where we’d want a more natural approach, simply “[first name] [last name] from [city]” or “[company_name] from [city]”.

    Is there a way to change where on the page the list is rendered?
    Can the single elements of the list like [first name] also be called individually?
    And can all of this also be done in a sidebar widged?

    Thanks, Phil

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