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Jun 03 2014 @ martin 2 Comments
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Hey Frank,

as I do not always open the panel on top of the pages, is there an easy way to prevent Paupress from scrolling to the top of the page? Would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance!

2 thoughts on “Disabling Top-Scrollin

  1. martin martin says:

    Hey, I sent you an email on this because I had to send you a login. Thank you!

  2. hi Martin,

    it should only scroll to the top of the frame. can you link me up with an example?

    thank you!

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Jun 02 2014 @ Dan Scholz 3 Comments
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The PauPress to MailChimp integration doesn’t seem to be working properly on my install. It looks like everything is set up properly, but I keep getting this email :

254=”” does not appear to be a valid merge field for this list


506=”tag” must be 10 bytes and may only contain “A-Z 0-9 _”

The MailChimp list I’ve created for this remains empty and the PauPress install isn’t matching the updates made in MailChimp.

3 thoughts on “PauPress MailChimp integration

  1. So not everything is syncing. Name is working perfectly, but the custom tags such as dates are not pulling over from PauPress.

    1. Dan,

      I’m going to follow up with you directly via email on this.

  2. hey Dan,

    this is because likely one or more of your fields that you’re syncing with MailChimp does not have a value set for “Tag” which MailChimp needs to sync up the fields. This is a pretty common configuration error that we’re working on resolving through the UI but, for now, go into Manage Fields and inspect each of your fields that you’re syncing and make sure that you have values for “Tag” – then try updating a record and you should see the user syncing up with MailChimp.

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May 30 2014 @ Ben 1 Comment
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We chose PauPress for our CRM implementation because the references and documentation allude to features that we need. I would appreciate some guidance to documentation for how exactly to accomplish our goal.

1. Public directory of all user records in a particular taxonomy.
2. Profile page for the user with their public information.
3. Google map with geolocated user (all of them, those belonging to a particular taxonomy, or a single specific user).


One thought on “Public directory and profile page with map

  1. Happy to:

    1. For the public directory go to “PauPress > Views > Directories” and create a new directory. Include the taxonomy you want people to filter on and drag it into the field areas. Optionally include a Google Map in the display. Grab the shortcode and embed it wherever you like!
    2. When Managing your Fields, select which fields you would like to be “Public” and that will automatically populate the public user profile. Whenever that user is referenced they will be linked to their public profile.
    3. For Google maps, you can use the directory (see above) or you can go to “PauPress > Views > Geolocation” and generate a map from a saved query.

    Let us know if that doesn’t resolve it!

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May 30 2014 @ Mark Seton 5 Comments
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Hi Guys / Girls

Is there a way I can create a delivery option in PauPress.

We post out our Magazines to customers if they require us to do so.

What I would like to have if a customer selects a Magazine option that require posting it would select the company address and also give them the option to enter a different one if required. A bit like when you place a order online at you favorite store.

Cheers in advanced

5 thoughts on “How to add a delivery address drop down

  1. hey Mark,

    seeing the example I get what you’re wanting to do. Unfortunately, we don’t have conditional logic built in to our forms at present. you could do this with some jQuery but seeing your form that might be more trouble than it’s worth.

    1. Hi Frank!

      Quick question about the conditional logic in forms – is this coming up soon by any chance? Or should we tackle it using jQuery if we need to?

      1. hi Kat,

        I would tackle this with jQuery for now – the expanded use case is a bit of a ways off but with your particular use case, you should be able to do it fairly quickly.

  2. Frank frank

    Not sure what you mean by create a magazine as an item in PauPress!?

    All of our magazines are free so think it would be easier to have them just select radio buttons as we per our sign up page
    Just would like to have some fields hidden until they select post to different address.

  3. If I understand the request correctly, I would say that you should create the magazine as an item for purchase (probably already have that done) and just specify a shipping class for it. At checkout, they’ll have the chance to choose a billing or shipping option.

    In their profile, they can also save a designation for what should be a shipping address.

    Does that get close to what you are wanting to do?

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May 29 2014 @ Erika Wübbena 3 Comments
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In my public profiles the names of the select and radio button fields are displayed with the keyvalues and not the labels!?

3 thoughts on “label in public profile

  1. That sounds like you don’t have the right license key installed. double-check that it is entered correctly from your receipt.

  2. Meanwhile I could figure out that this is a disruption of the database, I did reinstall it completely and actually it is running well.

    1. …….but the problem after the reinstall is that I cannot update my original version from 1.5.5. to 1.5.6 because the buddha says: Your license key does not match our records.

      Please help.

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May 29 2014 @ Mark Seton 6 Comments
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Hi can you take a look at and point me in the right direction on how to solve the drop down text problem!? It is rather awkward to select the sign up text at the moment! :-/

6 thoughts on “Drop down menu

  1. Hi Frank

    Have you had any luck with what coding I need to change for the drop down to work correctly?

    1. hi Mark,

      sorry for the delay but your theme’s reset is playing havoc with our styles. adding a style rule like so seems to improve things but not completely. Try dropping this into your style sheet:

      #paupanels-tabs #pp-menu li ul { max-width: none; }

      I’ll keep looking at this in the meantime.

  2. hi Mark,

    the form issue was never a problem for me so, that’s likely just a caching issue on your end and doesn’t seem to affect new visitors.

    the dropdown panel widget is a problem though – likely a theme conflict. I’m looking into it and will get back to you with some styling thoughts.

  3. “Just noticed when a user is not logged in the signup form (paupanels-wrapper is 100px in height and does not grow to the full form size?!?”

    Just noticed this issue was solved by deleting our cache in Chrome!?

  4. Just noticed when a user is not logged in the signup form (paupanels-wrapper is 100px in height and does not grow to the full form size?!?

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May 29 2014 @ Miles Sebesta 5 Comments
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Is there a way to have the “Log the User In” functionality on the contact forms?

We would like to have content on our site that only members can see. We would like to so that a user can sign in or sign up to view the content. We are trying to generate different forms that allows users to sign up an account, but then allows us to generate reports based upon which page they viewed. We would like the users to auto sign in like the sign up page. The sign up work flow doesn’t allows us to track the page the user tried to sign up the account on.

So a few questions.
Is it possible to have “hidden” fields that allow us to track the page the user signed up for the account on? Or, is it possible to have the “Log the User In” functionality work on a contact form that requires password generation? Or, is it possible to log when a user views a restricted page in their historyactions?

I am sure these are all possible with custom coding, but we would like a solution that won’t be over-ridden when your plugin is upgraded with new releases.

5 thoughts on “Log the User In

  1. hi Miles,

    all of this functionality is currently planned and we’ll be rolling it out over the summer. If you’re interested in beta testing the functionality as soon as it’s available, do let me know!

    1. Is there a way to add code into the global messages for restricted content. On the local messages the code executes but when I try to do it globally it makes. I am trying to add a link into the global message.

      “test” to \” test \”

      1. hey Miles, right now HTML is excluded across the board for security reasons. that will change in the next major release which is due out in a matter of weeks.

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May 28 2014 @ Anders Kühl 3 Comments
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I need to disable commas and periods from quantity field in cart.
The quantity field should only allow integer/natural numbers.

Ive tried with $quantity = preg_replace(‘/[.,]/’, ”, $quantity); into paypay-cart.php – around line 380/90

But my php coding skills can be compare to a 2 month old baby’s cognition – Wow I have hands, how do I control em???

Can i have a helping hand 😀


3 thoughts on “How can I strip commas and periods from quantity field in cart

  1. hi Anders,

    that’s on us – I’m patching this now for a coming bug release. If you want to place the patch yourself you just need to replace line 323 in /plugins/paupro/paupay/theme/paupay-panels.php with the following code:

    $cart['items'][] = array( 'item' => $value['item'], 'amount' => $value['amount'], 'trans_type' => $value['trans_type'], 'quantity' => preg_replace( "/[^0-9]/", "", $value['quantity'] ) );

  2. Hi Frank

    The produkt we are selling (tickets), can only be bought as whole tickets (therefore integer in the amount field).

    But due to the old site and ticket settings, people could input ‘,’ or ‘.’ as decimal seperator in the amount field – the reason is that we were selling half-tickets 🙂

    So we have the problem, that we want that “mis-behavior” eliminated on the new site.
    We are not selling a half-ticket.


  3. hi Anders,

    how did you get commas into the quantity field? Just trying to understand how that happened before thinking of a solution.

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May 27 2014 @ Mark Seton 1 Comment
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Please can you tell me why I am getting “Page Not Found” in the page titles on PauPress pages as follows

Many thanks

One thought on “Page not found in page title!!

  1. hey Mark,

    this has to do with the way PauPress currently writes its endpoints. This should be resolved in our next bug fix release in the next week or so. Thank you for your patience.

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May 25 2014 @ Peter Jackson 2 Comments
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Hello again

We have a charity site where people often make donations at the same time as they buy membership, so there’s a purchase button for membership and a donation button as well. But when the membership button is clicked it takes the user straight to the cart page, so if they want to donate they have to go back again in the browser to do so. Trouble is we’re now getting fewer donations.

Is there a way to add a “go to cart” button to allow the membership and donation buttons to both be checked before the cart appears? Or am I missing another way to do it?

Thanks, Peter

2 thoughts on “Losing donations

  1. hi Peter,

    this feature is currently in beta and will be included with the next release for sure!

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