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Jan 02 2015 @ Brian Smith 1 Comment
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I would like to edit the templates used by Presspoint to output panel pages. Is this option available? I’m imagining a situation where Presspoint has template files much like themes do, and I could perhaps edit or override them without breaking future updates.

If it doesn’t work like that, how about being able to register filters and actions that modify or respond to Presspoint panel actions?

One thought on “Editing Presspoint Panel Templates

  1. Good suggestions. I would be interested in hearing the use case to better understand the desired outcome. As you’re probably seeing in Presspoint – there are many ways of doing something that are not exactly expected. It may indeed be that you can accomplish what you need to within the latter scenario but that’s not always the case. With that in mind, we’re a ways from a templating system for forms – you generally won’t find that with many form generators as they depend upon certain conditions for form processing that standard them tags don’t require.

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Dec 20 2014 @ Sean Openshaw 1 Comment
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How can I add a field that is not in the Merge Tags list?
I need to be able to tell each individual person a specific code I created for them
This is critical.

One thought on “email merge tags

  1. Sean,

    if you are storing the code in a profile text field, then you can include it in a merge tag. Were you wanting to include a dynamic code generated elsewhere?

    In case this is the first response you see from me, we are triaging tickets due to an email issue over the holidays so, forgive the extraordinary delay on responding to your tickets.

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Sep 30 2014 @ Heather Swift 1 Comment
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I am wondering if there is a way to create different push notifications based on a form field value (specifically trying to redirect requests from website to specific sales reps based on promo code).

Thank you!

One thought on “Push Notification Decision Based on Form Field Value

  1. hey Heather,

    good question! actually, Tom will be following up with you directly as, in fact, we have something that may work quite well for you.

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Aug 04 2014 @ Andrew Klein 2 Comments
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Do you have an estimated launch date for version 2.0 that will support email templates?

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  1. hi Andrew,

    again, forgive the delay – we’re putting all of our energies at the moment into getting the 2.0 release ready. We’re targeting an “end of summer” release, which is specific enough to keep us on target while being general enough to give us some maneuverability.

    1. Frank, any updates on the timing of v2.0?

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Jul 29 2014 @ Andrew Klein 3 Comments
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Hi there,

I recently purchased your software and am quite pleased with it; however, there are a few things I would like to do.

1) I would like to email a new customer upon adding them through add user and have the option to send them one of the emails I have created. Is this possible?

2) I need to add a variable to the emails. I see the paupress tags, but how do I add a field that I created under “manage fields”. Do I use the key in the shortcode similar to the other codes: or mine

Thanks in advance!

Andrew Klein

3 thoughts on “Add variable to email form and auto email template on signup

  1. Ok that is good to know. Is there a way to save email templates to send manually when a customer signs up, or will I have to copy the html code into each new email I send? I see the templates page, however it only seems to have editable header and footer fields.

    Also, how do I remove the header entirely if I don’t want the blank space and the site title at the top of each email?


    1. hi Andrew,

      There isn’t a way to save email content as a template… yet. but it is coming soon.

      To remove the header completely, you can simply include an empty tag in the text area like . Absolutely not the most elegant solution but, again, this is all undergoing renovation.

  2. hi Andrew and welcome! Glad to have you.

    for the second item in your request, you are correct – simply placing the database name of your custom field will generate the output when the email is processed.

    for the first item, we’re not quite there yet but that feature is coming wherein you can save transactional mail templates and deploy them at certain decision points. For the email(s) you want to send, I suspect you would want to also send actionable details like login information as well, yes?

    since we’re actively in development on that right now, please do let us know what would be on your wishlist if you are so inclined. And, of course, let me know if there are any followup questions you might have.

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Jul 23 2014 @ Lisa West 3 Comments
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We are using PauPress (version 1.5.3) with the Events module to enable people to register for our conferences. Sometimes people come from an organization that will pay for all the registrations. We are requiring each individual to create a profile and register for the event so we have a record of their registration and they can see they are registered for an event in their profile. However, during checkout we need for those individuals to be able to enter the billing information for the organization who is actually paying.

We first discovered the ‘Billing Information’ defaulted to the logged-in user’s profile during checkout but when we changed the ‘Billing Information’ to the organization’s information (including the email address) we found that a new user for the organization was created (which we don’t want) and the event registration for the ‘logged in’ user was lost. We were able to modify the code to prevent the new user creation by leaving the billing email defaulted to the logged-in user and hiding the input field to prevent it from being changed. That worked perfect … BUT …

We are now finding that when the billing information is being set to the organization the cart updates the logged in user’s profile with the new information … effectively changing their profile first and last name including the mailing address. It seems as if it should be updating the profile’s BILLING ADDRESS … not the profile’s mailing address. We even set a billing address in the profile then went through checkout and it not only defaulted to the mailing address but updated it as well.

Can you help us get this working? Ideally, we need to be able to have an individual (who is required to be logged in to register) change the billing information and have it process through to update the billing address in the profile … leaving all other information in the profile alone.

Thank you!!

3 thoughts on “Cart Not Updating Billing Information in Profile

  1. I like the gift certificate idea. How would that work? If XYX Corporation bought 15 gift certificates and gave me one, would I then login to my profile … register for an event by adding it to my shopping cart … then apply the gift certificate during checkout?

    1. Exactly. When someone buys a gift certificate they can choose the amount and the quantity so that they can hand out unique codes for each individual, which is redeemable at purchase.

  2. hi Lisa,

    unfortunately, the concept of allowing individuals to use another user’s billing information to essentially “benefit” their own account isn’t provided for in PauPress. It sounds like it’s totally appropriate for your workflow but you can probably see how that could be abused otherwise.

    This would be a complicated workflow to manage in PauPress (or any other system I imagine) and it’s something we’d be happy to talk about but it’s definitely in the realm of a custom project. Please do email if you’re interested in talking further about that.

    That all said, one thing you could do is have an organization buy multiple credits (eg. “gift certificates”) and distribute them to each employee for redemption during the registration process. This would essentially protect the integrity of a individual’s account while the organization can pay the registration fee.

    That might get you most of the way there.

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Jul 11 2014 @ Phil Braun 2 Comments
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Our client wants us to simplify the registration process as much as possible, to the point where it’s basically no longer recognizable as such.

1) is it somehow possible to get PauPress to automatically and invisibly generate a password for each new registrant?
2) can we generate a “welcome” mail that includes all the login data for every new registrant?
3) can I somehow define PP fields like street address as required only for selected forms?


2 thoughts on “Simplifying the registration process

  1. Hi Frank,

    2.0 really does sound great!
    Do you happen to have an E.T.A. for it?


  2. hey Phil,

    the answer to all three questions is… yes – in 2.0.

    not to be flip about it but these are many of the enhancements we’ve been very excited about because they’re part of the larger enhancement to dealing with forms.

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Jul 08 2014 @ Lisa West 2 Comments
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Is there a way to set up a standard email that can be sent when an invoice is paid? We received checks and change the status of an invoice to completed. It would be nice to have an email sent out without having to select the ’email’ action and retype the email every time. That gets cumbersome when there are many invoices being paid at one time.

2 thoughts on “Email confirmations when apply payment to invoices

  1. OK … thank you Frank. I will look for it in a future release.

  2. hey Lisa,

    this is a planned feature that’s nearly complete. It may make it into the 1.x bug releases we’re still doing but it will definitely be part of 2.0. If it’s any consolation, we have to suffer through this too at the moment for invoices we have to manage.

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Jun 25 2014 @ Phil Braun 3 Comments
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I just put the finishing touches on a first newsletter mail our client wants to send to all subscribers (all in PauPress).

Despite the fact that I can’t even find this entry in the PauPress help files, I’m currently veering towards using the “PauPress > E-Mail” navigation item: edit and save the mail (I assume it’s a CPT), and then have it sent using the “current selection”, for example.

However, there are two things bothering me a bit here, since we are not using Mailchimp:
1) how can I send myself a test mail?
2) If I create a saved search with only myself in it, and have PP send the mail to this address: can I then re-use the same mail, or do I have to recreate it if every time?

I have to say that one rather puts blind trust into PauPress (so to speak) when sending to something like “current selection”, as the actual list of adresses apparently is not displayed anywhere. Or is it?

Thanks, Phil

3 thoughts on “Sending mails out of PauPress

  1. hey Phil,

    sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this.

    this is, as you know, an area of specific concern we’re tackling with 2.0. for the short-term at least, the local mail function is meant really to be transactional so, I would strongly encourage you to use MailChimp. We put the heavy-lifting for email into a third-party for the near-term for good reason but your points are well taken on the UI side of things. will look very much forward to being able to roll out enhancements on both fronts!

  2. OK; I just sent my first email campaign from out of PauPress.

    At least I think I did.

    The UI for the entire Mail sending bit is really quite puzzling. After finishing the content for the E-Mail, I clicked on “publish” (“Current selections” as select action, “Send now” as destination).

    Having no no idea whatsoever if any mail has been sent, or who to, I then head over to PauPress reports, do the saved search again just to be sure, and then go into “Actions”.

    I now see the titles of all the test mails I sent.
    OK, don’t need those, select “Drafts”.
    That’s better, now I get to see what appears to be the E-Mail I saved over in “PauPress > E-Mails”.
    I klick on the title and now see the Mails content. Looks good so far.

    Now how am I supposed to send the darn thing? _If_ it has not been sent already over in E-Mails (remember, I got to see no feedback of any kind when I klicked “publish” over there).

    There’s no “Send” button in sight.

    Selecting “E-Mail” on top of the finished Mail draft, maybe? Nope, this opens a new, blank Mail document, apparently.

    “Edit” at the bottom? Here I finally get a “Send” button. Is that the one? Possibly. But hey ho: right before klicking this button I notice that suddenly the selection has changed, from around 70 addresses to over 165.

    Whoa! That was close.

    So: did I send a mail or not over in PauPress > Mail? I have no idea.
    If I did send a mail: who got it: I have no idea.
    If I didn’t: how to I send the finished mail document to the saved search result list: I have no idea really.

    This will be fun 🙂

    1. And before anyone tells me to go looking for Mail receipts for selected users: apparently, nothing of the sort is saved.

      I effectively do not have any way I know of to see
      – if a mailing has been sent
      – who it has been sent to
      – if any individual user has received a mail.

      Or did I miss something really obvious here – apart from using Mailchimp?

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Jun 17 2014 @ Phil Braun 1 Comment
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There probably is no way (outside of really dirty hacking) to get PauPress to not load its JS and CSS files for certain pages and/or custom post types, is there?

I’m currently trying to do something using Visual Composer for user generated content. As you are aware, I think, currently PP and VC are not on the best of terms, as PP zealously defines loads of jquery.ui elements that VC also uses, resulting in not very pretty UI elements in the frontend as well as in the backend. Being somewhat lazy, I’m not really looking forward to adding even more PauPress overrides in my own style.css file.


One thought on “Selectively turn PauPress off for pages/CPTs

  1. hi Phil,

    there isn’t since the plugin requires those on pages it operates on. It’s not a “zealous” choice – we’re just using the jQuery UI bundled style sheets directly from the jQuery project – as I suspect visual composer is doing as well. In WordPress, it just comes down to who loads what first and that can come down to alphabetical order. So, it’s not about PauPress overrides here – it’s really about jQuery overrides and you can roll your own styles and enqueue them with a higher priority and either choose Visual Composer styles or one of your own choosing and PauPress will use them accordingly.

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