System requirements

Presspoint is a plugin that runs on your WordPress install. We do not store your data or your application. All your data resides on your own server, the only call home that the application makes is to check your license is current.



Presspoint is a WordPress plugin.
It requires WordPress and will not work with Joomla or Drupal. 

Version support

We support WordPress 4.4.2 and greater, though we always recommend using the latest version of WordPress.

Multisite vs. single install

Presspoint does NOT support multisite. The app may well work, and in fact, we use multisite ourselves for our demo environment server, but multisite’s data structure, especially related to users and how they are assigned to different multsite properties, is fundamentally different than single instance Presspoint, and we cannot guarantee that it will work as desired. vs.

Presspoint will not work with hosted sites, it will only work with hosted installations.



As a best practice, we strongly recommend installed an SSL certificate on your site if you engage in any ecommerce.

We support Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Be sure to enable SSL in Commerce settings. by default it is not enabled since if there is no certificate in place and the cart is referencing a non-existent certificate, your customer’s browser may (wrongly) assume the site is compromised or fraudulent.



In general, all WordPress sites work better on a managed host environment, the same is true for Presspoint sites. In fact, we use and highly recommend WPEngine – so far we haven’t found a better managed host.

WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting

Presspoint will work on a shared hosting environment, but if you have 20+ plugins and you are running complex queries across 50,000+ users, you may experience resource issues.

For high performance sites where you expect to manage 50,000 or more active users (we’ve seen and worked with sites running Presspoint and hundreds of thousands of active users), we’ve found Rackspace hosting to be a very effective partner and recommend them highly.


Third party service integrations

If you opt to enable Presspoint’s integrations to services like Stripe, MailChimp or PayPal, you must create an account with those services.

Presspoint does not control your relationship with those services, and you are responsible for any payments or memberships, invoices or fees. We do not mark up any prices or make any claims as to the quality of service those companies provide you.