User directories

FIND IT: Dashboard »  Content Settings » Directories

Presspoint can publish a directory of users to a page on your website.

You define the directory based on a saved Smart List, then you can add refinements such as search and geolocation.

  1. Go to Directories settings
  2. Select an existing directory, or create a new one from the drop down menu. You will be presented with a number of options.




Messages Add a text note above the form. Note: you can also just put text on the page, and place the directory shortcode in line where ever you like on the page
Base Query Select the Smart List that will be the default result list of the directory. For example, you could have a Smart List of your Disitributors who are in good standning, or just users whose type is Employee, or current Members in good standing.

Users will be able to filter this list with options you can enable below

Note: If you leave this blank, then all users appear in the directory.

Display Preferences:
Google Map
Turn on an optional Google map that places each contact on a map (assuming you have entered their address information in their profiles)
Display Preferences:
Search box
Show or hide a search box to allow users to filter results, option is to have box default open or close
Display Preferences:
Show Results on Pageload
Chose whether your users should have to select filters before seeing a result, or just show a default list.

Enabled makes the list run on page load

Add Fields Use this section to populate the search box. You can select any Profile field or Action field and drop them into a two column layout.
Display this directory Generates a shortcode for you to place anywhere on your site