User login

FINDIT: Presspoint Dash>> User Account Access >> User Account Access

There are two ways to add account access links to your site.

You can  add links to a Menu, or you can use shortcodes to add logins to a Text widget in a sidebar. Or both.

  • Sign in — points to a simple form asking for username/ email and password
  • Sign up — points to the default Sign up form, found at Dashboard»Profiles & Forms » General Forms
  • View my Profile — logs the user in
  • Sign out — logs the user out

Presspoint is smart and it will show the right links depending on whether the user is logged in or not.

  • If the user is logged in, then he is presented with a link to go to his profile or log out.
  • If he is not logged in, he is given the option to create an account or sign in.

You can set which of these appear where in User Account Access

For example, you may want to have “Sign in” / “My profile” in the top menu bar, but have “Sign out” in less valuable real estate.

support-user-account-access-betterMenu items

From User Account Access, for each of the four links, select which menus you want to see the login links.

Presspoint will add a custom menu item to your menus, where you can then rearrange as you see fit.




Remember: you will never see all 4 links at once, only a max of 2 links depending on logged in status.


In practice, many people put all four shortcodes into a single Text widget on the sidebar, and just let Presspoint figure out which links to show.

Note: with all the shortcodes, you can change the name of the link label by editing the value in text = “xxxx” argument.