Custom forms

Presspoint supports custom forms with all the usual form fields, plus taxonomies.

These can be used for Contact forms, surveys, or landing pages.


Forms are comprised of Profile fields and general forms. The profile fields filter back upstream to the user’s profile, general fields (for example “Did you enjoy the event”) do not belong as a profile field, and are saved as a text string within the form submission.

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Flexible form layout

Presspoint has a graphical layout system, where you can create as many sections as you like, each containing from 1 to 4 columns, then drag and drop your fields where you want them to sit on the front-end form.


Per-form labels & descriptions

Each field and column block has label and an optional Helper description. This will be published on the form to give context to your users as they fill in the form.

These field preferences are saved on a per-form basis. This allows you to reuse the same field, but have different labels depending where the field is being used.

Note: if you leave the label blank, the for  will automatically pick up the default field name for that field.

support--image012Per-form User permissions

You can set a field to be Required, View only or Hidden. Again, this is a per-form setting, allowing the same field to be deployed in multiple locations but with different permissions.