Creating new custom forms

FIND IT Presspoint Dashboard  » Profiles & Forms » Form Manager

Action forms are general forms like Contact forms or Surveys etc. Each form has two sections, Form Settings and Custom Fields.

Use the shortcode in Form Settings to place the form anywhere on your site.

Form settings & Notifications


Enable notifications Send email to a one or more people to notify staff when a new Opportunity form has been submitted from the website.
Sendto: Email address of people to receive a copy of this form. Supports multiple email addresses separated by commas 
From Name: This is the name that the notification will come from. For example “SITE CONTACT FORM AUTO NOTIFICATION”
Welcome message Note to post at the top of the form before it is submitted.
Thank you message Note that appears after the form has been submitted. 
Display options Short code to place on a page or post in your WordPress website, or include a direct link when sharing the form by email 

Custom fields

After the key settings are defined, add custom fields to the Form, exactly the same as Profile forms. You can choose existing Profile fields or choose a general form field (either from the Field library or create a new one from the Form UI).