Forms and account creation

Forms automatically create a new user 

If someone submits a form, and their email is not in the system,  Presspoint automatically creates a new User based on the fields in the form.

If you did not include the Email field in the form, then “username@noreply.invalid” is used as the email and a new user is automatically created.

The user is NOT automatically notified of the new account: some Presspoint customers just use Presspoint as an internal CRM, so their customers never know they have a record in the system.

Appending existing user accounts

If the user does already exist on the system and he submits a form, you have a choice whether to allow the new form data to append his Profile on a form-by-form basis.

Usually people want this, but because it is technically possible for someone without a user’s password to update profile fields via a public form, you have the option to lock it down.