Multitext form element as a repeater field

Presspoint’s multitext field can be used as a repeater. The standard field looks like the below. The API supports more complex options.

Here is how it appears on the form

Multitext front


Here is the backend of the form

Multitext back



One thing to keep in mind is that these repeaters are saved as serialized text in the database. Normally, this prohibits the ability to search the data. However, with the simple implementation that you see (called “multitext”) we can search that data making it useful for applications like multiple phone numbers with qualifications (eg. mobile, home, office, etc.).

In more complex use cases, search functionality degrades. This is how most other form managers handle their data and it is a trade-off necessary to allow the dynamic creation of fields.

If you have a specific use case, we would love to hear it! Our goal is to create the most flexibility without compromising the ability to mine the data underneath.