Presspoint has its own eCommerce engine. This allows all transactions to become a permanent part of the User’s history, searchable by Smart Lists, and ready to take smart actions.

Buy Now buttons or Shop

Presspoint is unique in that you can add a “BUY NOW” button to any page, post, email or event across the site. We also support a more traditional shop view. We also support basic shipping and virtual item download management.


Once users have selected their items they led through a buying process that puts then into a Cart, where they can edit their items before checking out.


We support Stripe and PayPal for credit cards, and you can opt to allow cash, invoice or checks. If it’s the former, Presspoint interacts with the payment gateway via API, waiting for an approval notification before proceeding in the transaction. If it’s the latter, Presspoint marks the transaction as “Pending” until Staff says they have received the funding and marked the transaction complete.


Shipping or virtual item download

Once payment is received the system will move the transaction along according to your business rules:

For physical items, your staff will receive an instruction  to ship the item, for virtual items, the user gets an obfuscated download URL with tight controls to stop unauthorized sharing.