The options on this tab govern the operation of the shopping cart, which is managed by PauPress’ ajax-powered panel system and processes both purchases and donations together.

  1. Cart Actions:
    • Secure Checkout: You will need to have an SSL certificate installed and configured to use the secure (https) option. Secure checkout is required for PayPal Pro checkout.
      • Standard (http)
      • Secure (https)
    • Place Action Button: The action button is what allows a user to place an item in the cart. You may place the button manually or have it automatically generated as part of a post or page display.
      • Manual: You can place the code for a button anywhere you like using a simple PHP function.
      • After Title: The button will appear next to the item’s title in both indexes and on the single view of each item.
      • Before Content: The button will appear between the title and the content.
      • After Content: The button will appear after the content and before comments if you’re utilizing comments on your site.
    • Cart Location: This option refers to the cart icon and compressed display of the number of items in the cart. If the automatic option is chosen, the cart icon typically appears in the top right-hand corner of your site.
      • Manual: You can place the code for the cart anywhere you like using a simple PHP function.
      • Automatic: If selected, the Panel Launcher must also be enabled.
  2. Cart Settings:
    • Enable Coupons on cart: The green checkmark indicates that coupon codes have been enabled.
    • Coupon Title: What users see, for example — “Enter coupon code here:”
  3. Optional Fields:
    • Account Option Message: Modify the message non-logged in users see when presented with the option to create an account. For example, “Choose a password to enable future access to your details.”
    • Transaction Message: Modify the message users see when presented with the option to include a note with their transaction. You can use the notes field to collect one-time details from the user about the overall cart. This information is included along with the other information about each item.
    • Optional Fields Form: Choose additional fields to be added at checkout, allowing you to capture profile information about the person checking out. These fields will become a permanent part of the users profile and are singular instances, meaning, if someone fills out the field twice during two separate transactions, the last value entered will be preserved while the first value entered will not.
      • Add fields: Simply choose your fields from the dropdown list, click the +Add Field button, then arrange into one column or two.