Inventory management

Presspoint supports inventory management.

 Inventory management per item

Once Inventory Management is enabled (see below), each item will have an Inventory value in its Financial Details metabox

Every time a unit is sold, the value in the Inventory Count text box will decrease.



Enabling inventory management

FINDIT: Presspoint Dashboard >> Commerce Settings >> Extensions


Inventory Management has several site-wide settings


Enable Inventory management Turns on Inventory Management across the site
Disable buttons when inventory is depleted. Checking this will make buttons go grey and no longer be clickable when their inventory goes to zero.
Low Inventory Threshold Defines how many units do you want left before your “Low Inventory” alert is enabled
Depleted Inventory Threshold Some use-cases require that you have a few units in inventory that you don’t want to sell.
For example, a threshhold of 2 means the system will disable the buy-now button even if you have two units still in inventory.
Most users leave this at zero.
Inventory display Select fromNever show inventoryAlways how inventory

Only show when you hit low inventory threshhold

Disabled Color Set the color for button and button text
Default is grey.