Payment buttons

This page controls the look and feel of the Presspoint Buy Now button.

support-buy button

These settings apply across all your items, however, you can customize some aspects of a specific button by adding strings inside the shortcode

Purchase & Donation Button Location Set where the Buy Now button appears.
Most people use the short code to place the button on the page, but you can also elect to place it automatically.
Variable displays You can define whether items with multiple options (for example, member vs. non member price, or different sizes) appear as a dropdown widget or a list.

Button Text

You can add a universal prefix for your items
You can also edit this at the shortcode level
Button style Define colors and fonts for your Buy Now button.

Short code variables 



With custom text

You can add text to inside pretext and text quotes in the shortcode.




Other options

If you enable Inventory manager (Dashboard >> Commerce >> Cart), you are given an option to display inventory count, or low inventory count, or disable the button entirely if there is low inventory


This will result in buttons like this


No inventory or Low threshold