If you are shipping physical goods, here’s where you set shipping preferences.

Shipping Preferences:

  • Enable shipping: The green checkmark indicates that shipping addresses are enabled in your cart. This option must be enabled for deliverable goods.
  • Ship internationally: The green checkmark indicates that international shipping in enabled and allows you to specify international shipping classes. Currently, shipping internationally is a blanket specification meaning, any country except for the country you set in the General tab is considered to be international.

Shipping Classes: Shipping Classes let you define specific shipping prices for individual items. You can select a class when creating a new item for sale and the rules for that class will be applied alongside any other classes to compute the final shipping totals. For each class and variation (Domestic or International) there are a few options but, essentially, shipping in PauPress works with ranges. This means that if the quantity of an item falls within a particular range the per-item shipping price applies to each item.

To illustrate; Say that you are selling books on your site. You’ve defined a range of 0 – 2 items will cost $5 USD each to ship. You’ve also defined a range from 3 – 5 items will cost $2 USD each to ship. Therefore, if someone orders one book, it will cost them $5 USD (1 x $5 USD) to ship it. However, if someone orders 4 books it will cost them $8 USD (4 x $2 USD). Since you haven’t defined any additional ranges, if someone orders 10 books, even though the quantity is out of range, the highest range will still apply. In this case, it will cost them $20 USD (10 x $2 USD) to ship their order.

  • Least # of Items: This defines the low-end of a range
  • Greatest # 0f Items: The high-end of a range and if this is the last rule in a class the per-item amount will apply to all quantities above this number.
  • Shipping per Item: The amount to charge per-item.