Email confirmations

Presspoint manages all your  auto confirmations, also known as transactional emails.

Examples may include acknowledgement sent after Registration,  a CC on a Contact form, or a receipt sent after a purchase.

For these transactional emails, Presspoint relies on the wp_mail() function in the background. If your host has disabled this at the server level, then your email will not send.


Registration acknowledgment 

FIND IT: Presspoint dashboard  »  User account access  »  Signup  » What Happens Next

After a user has signed up for your website, you can define one or more actions under  “What Happens Next” inside the Sign Up preferences.

For email, just select “Send the User an Email”


Purchase / Donation receipts

FIND IT: Presspoint dashboard  » Commerce Settings » Receipts

Presspoint sends an email automatically whenever someone buys an Item or makes a donation. 

For tax purposes, Presspoint separates the two types of transaction, and you can customize the two different templates: one for purchases and below that, one for donations.

For all emails,

  • “Who will receive notifications” supports multiple email addresses. comma separated.
  • Header and Footer is body text that goes above and below the auto-generated receipt.
  • Header and footer fields both support <MERGE> fields and HTML


To get a selection of Merge tags, click the PAW icon


Opportunities , Contact Forms and other Forms

You can set one or more people to be notified via email when a new form is submitted by adding names separated by commas in the “Send to” field.