Email Autoresponders

You can set up an email auto-responder for most forms, including Contact, Registration, and Opportunities.

The process is quite simple

  1. Create an email template and save as an autoresponder
  2. Select the template you want from each Form’s Notification section
  3. When the user submits for the form the system will send the selected auto-responder.

There are also Transactional emails that are similar to auto-responders, but are handled by different parts of the system.

  • Ecommerce purchase & receipts are managed from  Ecommmerce Settings. Please see Purchase and Donation receipts for more.
  • New User registration acknowledgements are managed from Front End settings. Please see New Registration What Next for more.

Creating the autoresponder email

An autoresponder is created in much the same way as an email campaign or one-off email, but it has its own management page.

FINDIT: Presspoint Dashboard>> Email settings >> Autoresponders
  1. Goto Presspoint Dash >> Email  and click “Autoresponders
  2. Click “Create New Autoresponder” blue button at the top of the page,
  3. Write the content of the email. You may use merge tags
  4. In the Meta settings, set the below values. The most important settings are
    Delivery Status = Send
    Select Recipients = Dynamic Selection
  5. Click Publish





  • The email will NOT send until a form submission triggers it. Clicking Publish is just setting it up ready to be triggered by a form submission that calls it. If you have not set the email to “Send” and “Send Immediately” then the system will drop the autoresponder into your email outbox, just like any other email campaign, waiting for you, and it will not send.
  • Autoresponders are not logged, because the act of submitting the form is already logged automatically.


Assigning the Autoresponder

FIND IT: Presspoint Dashboard >> Profiles & Forms >> General Forms
  1. Create or edit a form, and select your new email from the dropdown list of Auto-responders in the Notification section.
  2. Save the form
  3. The Form & Autoresponder is now set and will trigger every time the Form is submitted/



Note: You can also assign an autoresponder inside any Opportunity Template.