Email campaigns with Mailchimp

Presspoint supports large scale emailing via our MailChimp integration. The advantage of using Presspoint is you can use very sophisticated queries to segment your user list, then compose and send a mass email campaign, all without ever leaving Presspoint. Presspoint user history records who received which emails, or you can use MailChimp’s reporting capabilities for detailed open / click analysis.

To send a mass email, just go to Emails, draft the email, select the template, select which users are to receive the email, then send. Alternatively, you can select the group first (through the User Reports and the Smart List query engine), then draft & send.

Mailchimp Settings

FIND IT: Presspoint Dashboard  »Email Settings » MailChimp Settings

Presspoint supports MailChimp as our mail gateway for mass mails. First you will need to set up MailChimp, then connect the two services with a MailChimp API key.

Once you’ve done that, you never need to go to MailChimp again, as Presspoint will create mailing lists inside MailChimp and import users to MailChimp automatically.

  1. Create a MailChimp account (MailChimp help here)
  2. Create a MailChimp API key (MailChimp help here)
  3. Copy and past that key into Presspoint email settings

If you already have users inside your MailChimp account, then Presspoint will import them unless you disable MailChimp sync.

Once you’ve connected the API key, your Mailchimp lists will appear in the dropdown and your Mailchimp templates will appear in the Email UI.


Mailchimp sync

 Presspoint automatically two-way syncs with MailChimp, for example, if a user unsubscribes via the MailChimp opt-out in an email, then MailChimp tells Presspoint, and Presspoint changes that users opt-in status; if a user edits his name via his profile page on your site, Presspoint will tell MailChimp.

MailChimp limits syncing to a maximum of 30 fields, however, taxonomies are not counted towards this limit.

BEST PRACTICE : Let Presspoint do the heavy lifting

There is no need to maintain a full profile over at MailChimp. Do all your segmentation work inside Presspoint, and just maintain a few fields in MailChimp such as opt-in status, and possibly which marketing drip campaign they belong to. You can easily those fields mass update your users in Presspoint based on a query, then Presspoint will update MailChimp automatically.

Presspoint will automatically sync, but you must first enable Sync. 

Email safety switches

Presspoint has a two safety switches to make sure you do not send mass emails to people who do not want them

1. Profile options “Subscribe to email updates”

If the “Subscribe to email updates” checkbox is red, then Presspoint will not email to that

You can set the default to On or Off at the User Privacy Settings or you can always do a bulk edit of some or all of your users.


2. MailChimp unsubscribe list

MailChimp manages its own unsubscribe list at the gateway level, so you have a final “firewall” there if you try to email someone who has indicated they wish to be unsubscribed.