Resending emails

With Presspoint, you can resend any previously sent email either as a new single email or email campaign. 

FINDIT: Presspoint Dash >> Email >> Email Campaigns
  1. Open the email you want to resend
  2. Under its Action meta settings, you will see that Campaign’s Send history. Note also that its settings are locked and greyed out.
  3. Check the “Send again” box.
  4. You will see that the Action meta data is no longer locked.
  5. You can now edit both the content of the email and its Action settings (such as sending by MailChimp vs. your own WPMail engine).
  6. Click update and the email will send again.



Remember: If you made any changes, these are saved within the template. If you want to make a different email, then just copy the content from the first email onto your clipboard, create a totally new email campaign and save it with a different name.