Creating a new event

FINDIT: Presspoint Dashboard >> Events >> Add new event
  • To create an event in Presspoint, just go to the Events section of the Presspoint Dashboard and click “Add New Event”.
  • To edit an existing event, select it from the list of existing events

Presspoint uses a standard WordPress post UI for the description of the event, then has a separate meta box underneath with the Event Information of Date & Location.

Note: This metabox may not be directly under the content box initially, but you can always drag it to the top of the page for easier access.




Time information Enter the date and time for the event start and finish.

Date is a Date pick box, or you can type in the date using standard date format

Private event checkbox Checking this will hide the event from the public calendar, but you can still access it with the direct URL
Location information(optional) This information powers the map that appears on each event page as well as the location filter on Event search.
Contact Information More info for prospective event attendees that will be printed on the Event’s page on your website
Third-Party Registration Information Use this only if you’re planning on requiring paid registration but are not using Presspoint commerce for some reason.