Event widget

Presspoint creates a calendar for your front end site automatically, but sometimes you want to have a list of your events on a sidebar or on the homepage.

Presspoint supports a shortcode to allow exactly that

Just place this shortcode in a custom Text widget. To use the default view, you do not need to include the arguments (eg. limit=”-1″) – the arguments are options that you can utilize and are described in detail below.


 [pe_upcomings limit="-1” display="list" direction="future" html="li" class=""]



The limit argument defines how many upcoming events you want to list. The default is “-1” for all events.

The display argument can be either “list” (default), which is a simple list of title, date and link or “mini” which wraps the event in an h3 tag and provides the excerpt.

The direction argument can specify whether you show events in the “future” (default) or the “past”.

The html argument defines what sort of tag should wrap the item with “li” being the default and “div” being the alternate.

The class argument lets you assign CSS classes to the items, separated by commas or spaces.