Events display options

There are several options for how you want to display your events. These are controlled by Events Settings

FINDIT: Presspoint Dashboard >> Events >> Settings >> Event Display Settings


Only show events prior  / after  this date Limit how far backwards and forward in time your calendar displays.
Default year / month Options from all years that have events in them.
Best practice: Choose  option“Current Month” for default month rather than a specific month.
How many days past an event will users be able to edit? The system will lock events once they’ve passed. You can override that here if you wish.
Default Events View Select Calendar, List, Upcoming, Map or Search.
Upcoming or Calendar are the most popular choices.
HTML Wrapper Allows you to style the calendar using <divs> with inline CSS  or add header text, background images,  etc.Don’t forget this will apply to all the views, so target your CSS declarations
Display of Taxonomies Select checkboxes, or a text field with auto-complete for users to filter their search categories
Checkboxes are the easiest to understand unless you have a huge number of categories.
Enable Search types Adds a taxonomy (a type of a select list) to all events, so you can categorize them, thus making them easier to find.