Managing Event Attendees

There are two ways to see who is attending any particular event.

  • Run a search
  • Check event-by-event

Run a search

FINDIT: Presspoint Dashboard >> Reports >> Run Reports

  1. Reset your search if there is one in memory
  2. From the filter dropdown, select “Events”. This option is near the end of the list after all the User Profile fields, under the heading “User Actions”
  3. You can now either type the name of your event
  4. If you can’t remember the name of the event, or you want to see an array of events (like all the ones in New York next month) you can search by date and / or location as well as Type

Remember,  you can always add another parameter to this, like a user profile (Is Current Member for example) and save these searches for easy recall later on.

You can also use these lists to perform actions, like emailing a reminder everyone who’s going to an event, or a thank you afterwards. Just take this list, click the Actions tab, and send them an email!




  • If Events is not visible, make sure you have enabled it for Search, you do this under Action Settings in Presspoint Dashboard >> Profile and Fields
  • There is also a User Action called Event Template. This is for recurring event templates, you probably don’t want to search this for specific events.


Check event-by-event

Every event has a list at the bottom of the Event Information metabox that lists all the people who have registered for the event.

You can link to each User’s profile or that user’s Purchase Receipt for his ticket details.