Selling tickets to events

With Presspoint, it is very easy to add ticket sales to any event. 

Enabling Commerce for Events

First you have to enable Commerce for Events. This will add a Financial Details metabox to your Event template.

FINDIT:  Presspoint Dashboard >> Commerce Settings >> main tab


  1. Go to first tab of Commerce Settings
  2. At “Add Commerce Abilities”, check the “Events” checkbox
  3. Save your settings at the bottom of the page


Adding ticket details

Presspoint handles event ticket sales just like any other product to be sold, and so the Financial Details below are the same as you’d see for any other place on your site where you’re placing a Buy Me Now button… with a couple of exceptions.


  1. Find the Event that you want to add ticket sales to (or create a new event)
  2. Scroll down your Events page until you see the Financial Details metabox. This may initially be below other meta boxes like SEO or Comments, but you can always drag it higher on the page so it’s easier to access for future edits.
  3. Fill in the information for pricing, just the same as any other product



Like any other product, you can manage inventory or have an associated download. Whether to present these preferences is set at a site-wide level, for more on that, please visit Commerce Help.


Disabling the Buy button after the event has passed

Because events are date-driven, the Buy Now button will automatically become disabled after the event has passed: You don’t want to be selling tickets to past events!