Editing Opportunity templates

FIND IT: Presspoint dashboard »  Opportunities Settings » Opportunity Templates


Opportunities are essentially just customized Forms with some additional business logic attached. Like custom forms, you can have as many different templates as you wish, each with its own public form and custom fields.

Choose which template you want to edit, or Add New



Once you’ve selected the template you wish to edit, you can define key settings such for that Opportunity 


Enable notifications Send email to a one or more people to notify staff when a new Opportunity form has been submitted from the website. Separate multiple names with commas 
Welcome message Note to post at the top of the form before it is submitted.
Thank you message Note that appears after the form has been submitted. 
Display options Short code to place on a page or post in your WordPress website, or include a direct link when sharing the form by email 
Submission options Select whether to allow users to overwrite existing Profile fields when they submit this form.


After the key settings are defined, add custom fields to the Form, either to the “Internal custom fields” or “Visible on public website” section


The process is exactly the same as a custom form, 

  • Like Custom forms forms, you can reuse existing fields, or create new ones.
  • Like Custom forms, you can select multicolumn layouts and drag and drop your fields as desired.
  • Fields can be required, or you can hide a field to post values silently to the Opportunity form
Profile fields  Data submitted into these fields save to the Opportunity, but they also go back to User profiles, for example, email address, name or number of children.
General form fields  Data submitted into these fields stay only with the specific opportunity, for example, “When do you want to buy” or “Has a discount been offered”

“Visible on public website” fields

These fields appear on public form that users can fill in, thus automatically creating a new opportunity. See “Opportunity Public Form” for more