Opportunity Tour



Required fields These fields are required by the system, though labels and values can be edited.
Client Link to the profile of the User this opportunity is describing 
Agent Assign this opportunity to an authorized agent, as defined by role
Stage / Probability  Show where in the sales cycle this opportunity is sitting. Values (Qualified Lead, In Process, Verbal Approval etc.) can be customized
Custom Fields — Internal view Add any number of fields, viewable only to internal staff. These may include business process fields like “Next step” or “Is this a nice guy” . The User will never see these fields.


Can be Profile fields, or just general form fields. 

Admin view only You can set permissions so an Admin can edit a field, but a non-Admin Agent can only see it. This is useful for assigning Opportunities, or managing important business fields where Management wants to control what is edited, but Agents need to see what is happening (for example, commission value).
Custom Fields — Visibile on public website Add any number of fields. These fields will appear on the form on the public website if you opt to associate a public form with this Opportunity template. 


Users will fill in these fields, although Agents can edit later. 

Can be Profile fields, or just general form fields.