Bulk editing & deleting profiles

FIND IT: Presspoint » User reports » Edits tab»  Profile 

Presspoint allows easy bulk editing of profile fields or actions such as mass update for receipts, opportunities or emails. 

First, run a query to bring the list of users you want to edit. This might be all Users, or just a segment that meets a specific requirement (for example, those who you want to add to a new marketing campaign, or “all Distributors” etc.

Navigate to the Edits tab of User Reports, then field by field make any edits you wish to update.

At the bottom of the window, click “Edit”support--image018

Deleting Users and Other Special Actions  

To delete a user, simply select the delete option like any other bulk edit. You can optionally choose to assign all of the content a user creates to another user by specifying the ID of the user whom you want to receive the actions previously owned by the user(s) you are deleting. This is especially helpful if you find yourself with duplicate profiles and you want to delete one profile while retaining the history on the other.

That said, be very careful when deleting users, especially Admins. All content in WordPress belongs to a specific user. When you delete a user, all their content is automatically deleted as well.

If you do find you’ve lost content after deleting a user, Presspoint has a failsafe: Check the Page or Post Trash. The content will be there, and you can restore it.