Multiple profiles

FIND IT: PRESSPOINT DASH » Profiles & Forms » Profile Settings

Presspoint supports multiple profiles. Presspoint defaults to one Individual profile and one Organization profile, plus variations for Public profile.

If you want additional profiles, you can create them in Profile settings, then when you’re creating a new user (or editing an existing user)  you can select which profile to apply. 

BEST PRACTICE : Don’t make too many profile types  

A user can only be one type of Profile. Usually making a taxonomy or even just a select field to segment users is better than making multiple custom profiles. For example, if you want to identify your Board members, it would be smarter to add a Checkbox to the Individual profile “Check if is Board member” than make a new “Board member” profile.

A good use of multiple profiles would be to separate between Customers and Distributors, or other groups that have very different profile characteristics: With a customer you might want to track their preferred method of communication, whereas with a Distributor you might want to track the date they signed up or their commission rate. 


1. Go to Forms & Profiles >> Profile Settings

2. Create a new Individual or Org profile type using the + sign and name your new profile.

multiple profiles

You now need to assign a Profile form to this Type

3. Go to the Profile Forms tab

4. Either select an existing profile form, or clone one, or make a new one

5. Select your new Type that you named in Step 2

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