Building a Smart List query

You can build up complex queries very easily.

The easiest thing to do is open one of the pre-configured Reports by clicking on “People” or “Your Opportunities” on the Profile Dashboard. You can then modify those parameters to learn the system.

The default Report has no parameters set.


The “Make a Selection” dropdown contains all the fields that you can query on. The list is broken out into two types

  • Profile
  • User Actions



This shows all the fields that are used by your Profile templates

Read here for adding or removing fields


BEST PRACTICE : Autocomplete in the search box

When selecting any field, you can type into the search box and the field will auto complete, this is easier than scrolling through all the fields. This applies across Presspoint, but it’s most useful when you’re working through long lists of fields.

User Actions

All the actions that a user can take (or that you can do to a user), such as purchase history, event attendance, email campaigns and notes can be added to a search.

Read here for adding or removing action types from the list