Version 2.0.47

This release is a significant improvement on how Presspoint manages registration, login, logout and profile management.

What you absolutely need to know: We have consolidated the settings and features of all the various forms into the default form builder and we have copied over your previous settings. It’s a good idea to just have a look and make sure your settings are as you’d expect and, perhaps take some time to adjust given the new options.

Why we did this: Previously, login, logout, signup and profile preferences were managed with one UI while email signups, profiles and general forms were managed with completely different UIs. Each UI had different features and preferences.

What’s new: With this version, we’ve consolidated all of these forms and their various options into the default form builder. This means on a form you can:

  • Auto-login a user,
  • Redirect them to a URL
  • Automatically subscribe them to email updates (this is already automatic for email registration forms)
  • Choose what type of user to create (eg. organization or individual and even the type of organization or individual)
  • Send an auto-responder email
  • Send a notification to an administrator or interested party
  • Display messages before and after submission
  • Display the form by embedding, linking or adding it to the WordPress menu system

Where you can find it: You can now find these forms on the dashboard under the Profiles & Forms panel.

Other things worth mentioning: In addition to the usual cleanup and bug fixes:

  • You can now log profile changes either by email or to the user log and track what’s changed.
  • Commerce now automatically displays a “buy” button with a link to an outside site when using the affiliate type
  • Address groupings are more manageable now with numerical IDs and the ability to delete additional address groups

We hope you find these updates useful. There’s more work we’ll be doing in this area in the next couple of releases.

As always, thank you! And please don’t hesitate to let us know about any questions or issues you may have.