Update: 3.2.4, 3.2.2 and 3.2.1 are minor releases with compatible enhancements and critical fixes which have been merged into the narrative for 3.2 below.

Version 3.2 features several major feature updates with more to come in 2018.

Account Management
Following a wider trend, Presspoint passwords are now just one field with an ‘eye’ icon to show the password for verification.

Alerts can be added to any action in the system and administrators can choose to send an email reminder on a specific date, to a specific person with a link back to a specific action. This is useful if you want to make sure that you followup on a particular note or form, or, if you want to ensure that someone attends to an item on a particular date. If you happen to be the person whom the alert is sent to, you will also see the alert appear on a special menu within your profile and you can choose to dismiss the alert or allow it to persist.

Alerts have been part of the system for awhile now but they’re officially supported as a beta component. This means that the system is ready for use but we’re still actively refining both interfaces and processes. To get started, go to Actions in Presspoint Settings and scroll down to you see the checkbox to enable Alerts – check it and save the options and you’ll now see a new submenu at the top called “Alerts”. On the Alerts menu you can choose which actions are now able to have alerts attached to them. From there, when editing an action with alerts enabled you will have the opportunity to choose a Date, Recipient and an optional note to schedule an alert.

Much like Alerts, Tasks is a new component that can be enabled from the Actions Settings in Presspoint. Tasks, as you might expect, allow you to create a task that can be assigned to anyone in the system on behalf of anyone in the system and then completed by the assignee. Tasks automatically receive their own tab in the profile and options include the ability to alert the assignee by email when the task is created, alert the task creator when the task is completed and sort tasks by date and priority. Like Alerts, this is ready for production but still considered to be beta as we are actively refining the interface and companion processes.

Cart & Checkout
We spent a lot of time on this release refining elements of the cart – ensuring that mobile views were optimized and that desktop views were improved. The end result is to make checkout more compact and organized, collapsing spacing, aligning fields and delineating areas more clearly.

Specifically, you’ll find:

  • The “options” button present when using proxies, notes or ‘in honor of’ designations is replaced by a toggle switch
  • The subtotals and totals are more spacious on the cart and then collapsed by default at checkout
  • The Account section now balances First & Last Name with Email and Password, which is not a single field with the show/hide option
  • Billing and Shipping are organized top-to-bottom and Additional Fields are more clearly delineated as such.
  • Financials are stacked to save space and the submit button now changes labels based on the context. For example, if you are registering for an event without a charge, it simply says “submit” instead of complete transaction.
  • Further, you have more options to customize the labels and sections without needing CSS.

We added two new features this round for email:

First, you can now choose CC and BCC options for both single transactional emails and bulk emails. In making this change, we updated the UI to make sending emails in Presspoint feel more familiar and intuitive.

Second, we added an email ‘pop-up’ option that lets you collect email signups on any page of your site. The pop-up can be styled using UI controls and you can customize the form that appears on a page-by-page basis.

User Management Permissions
In regards to permissions, once a user has a role that allows for user management, that user has had no restrictions – until now. In this release, we are introducing and additional functionality that controls the ability to delete users on a role-by-role basis. While we are not looking to add too much complexity to Presspoint permissions, we did lay the foundation for more clear and effective database controls that will be rolled out over the next year.

Events & Event Templates
We updated Event Templates to set a specific date when recurring event automation should begin and improved the logic and UI to offer more control in deploying repeating events. Additionally, we added the ability to clone events right from the event listing in the administration area – without needing to use Event Templates for formal, recurring events.

Cloning Actions
If you are building custom workflows and using custom actions to do that, then you might come across a need to build many different actions with the same base configuration. Now, cloning a custom action is as simple as a single click.

Sync Individual Types to sync with Roles
One of the advantages of using Presspoint to manage users in WordPress is the separation of identity from the WordPress system of roles – oftentimes its needed to freely pursue data management without having to think through all the collisions. But sometimes, you want to create an agent as an individual type and have it sync with the role of ‘agent’. Now you can do that by syncing WordPress roles with Presspoint individual types.

We’ve found that many sites use directories to showcase a large dataset but also had multiple, smaller directories to provide direct results to a specific subset of data. The reason for this was that there wasn’t a way to pre-set a search query on directories. So, we added the ability for a query string GET request to pre-set a search query and display the results. To use it, you simply need to make sure that the first part of the query string contains the key/variable of vars=1 followed by any Presspoint field and value pairing. For example, if on your directory you wanted to pre-set the results to show all organizations in California, you would add the following to your directory url: ?vars=1&address_state_1=CA

Reports & Operations
Reporting got a good amount of attention this cycle with optimizations, feature enhancements and security improvements. One feature worth noting is the addition of Payment Plan and Event status options to the the Bulk Financials operations. Now, if you want to manually reset a group of payment plans or log attendance for a large group at an event, you simply need to identify the group and then process the change in status all at once. Additionally, saved queries now load the search UI independent of the actual query for the ability to review expensive queries as they are running.

Last Login Field
Last, but not least, we’ve added a new field to Presspoint that saves the date of the last login for each user and it’s searchable too!

As always, there were many, many small fixes and tweaks and while the holidays impacted our release schedule, the plan is to still keep on releasing an update about every month. So, please let us know if there are things you’d like to see for future releases and, as always, thank you for trusting Presspoint with your endeavor!