Introducing Presspoint CRM

Hello <<name>>,

It’s been a little longer than we expected, but we are very proud to announce that PauPress 2.0 — now known as Presspoint CRM — is live and available for download.

There’s a lot to cover in this email, but we hope you read all the way to the end, and again, our inbox is open if you have any comments.

  • Name Change
  • Feature Review
  • Upgrading from PauPress Pro
  • Pricing
  • Going Forward

Name Change
We changed the name of the plugin and the service from PauPress to Presspoint for a number of reasons but mainly, Presspoint is easier to say and understand. The software that powers the plugin is still called PauPress and you may see references to it from time to time but going forward Presspoint will refer to the functionality and service. Further, your updated license of PauPress will be with Presspoint, LLC and all of your communication, receipts and support tickets can be found on the new website: The domain is still active and now forwards to the new site.

  • Feature Review
    We’ve added a ton of new features, which we’re listing below, but please visit and take the Feature Tour for the full experience – we hope you’ll be pleased.
  • Better Profiles. Set a user as an individual or an organization and even specify what type of user or organization they are. However many user types you have you can create a totally different profile template for each one.
  • Better User Management. We’ve improved the UI for working with users and their actions including a true tab API that comes with a new private file browser and native avatar support built-in.
  • Better Forms & Fields. We vastly improved the UI including multi-column layouts, HTML notifications and email autoresponders, non-profile fields, a field library and extensible field architecture that lets you customize the presentation for labels, help text and default values. Last, but not least, you can embed as many forms you like, wherever you like with or without panels.
  • Better Commerce. Place your cart widget anywhere you like and add additional fields more easily to the checkout page. On the backend, we’ve improved inventory management and reporting and we’ve added support for recurring payments and proration (more on that very soon).
  • Better Email. We’ve cleaned up the email interface, enabled email campaign logging and added a few things to make email easier (like better documentation!). What’s more, you can now create email templates and email autoresponders to build a library of outreach materials. And you can now email someone directly from their profile using Presspoint – and have that interaction logged.
  • Better Events. Private events, improved styling, better search. Support for multiple calendars, participant listing on event pages, private events and better purchased event reporting.
  • Introducing Opportunities. Now you can capture opportunities using a customizable form and track all of the interactions you have with a customer or potential donor to manage the opportunity along to success. As you probably would expect, we do opportunities differently. You can create any number of opportunity types and build custom templates to support your various workflows however you need.
  • Finally, a Dashboard. This is just the beginning. But from the Presspoint dashboard, you can find all of your CRM actions and settings in one place with an improved navigation architecture and the start of critical information reporting.

Upgrading from PauPress Pro
Upgrading is pretty straightforward. You will simply need to:

  1. Request a new license key. We will email you a coupon code to download Presspoint.
  2. Upload Presspoint and install it on your site. Do not activate it right away.
  3. Deactivate PauPress and PauPress Pro if they are active on your site.
  4. Activate Presspoint – a migration routine will run to copy your data into the new architecture. you can now install your new license key.
  5. You may now delete the PauPress and PauPress Pro plugins.

Important. While the migration process copies your data, the upgrade process is one-way – it is not possible to downgrade. As we promised in June, you will have the opportunity to evaluate the plugin before committing to the new pricing model. To try Presspoint, you have two options:

  1. Try out a demo on our demo site. Sign up here.
  2. Install Presspoint on your site. You may use either a development site or your production site, though we recommend a development site.

As we promised in June, we’ve extended everyone’s PauPress Pro license by six months at no charge to give you time to evaluate Presspoint before committing to the new pricing model. If you do not decide to continue using Presspoint you are welcome to keep using PauPress 1.5.7 for as long as you like, but we will no longer offer updates or support beyond your current license period. The old PauPress support documentation is still available on the new Presspoint website:

As we said in June, pricing for Presspoint is now $55/month or $550/year plus $10/month each for the Events and the Opportunities plugins. We will offer sliding scale discounts to non-profits. At the end of your extended license period, you’ll have to either renew your license under the new pricing model, or stop using the service. If you do opt to discontinue, the plugin will stop working, but your data will still reside in your database.

Going Forward
We have invested everything we have to give to this project so that it has chance to offer lasting value in the WordPress community. While it hasn’t been easy, we have been extremely grateful for all the support and encouragement we’ve received and hope that we’ve honored that by being forthcoming and by adding features that will matter for you.

Speaking of features, the new functionality is just the beginning. Please check out the new site, the new functionality, the updated terms of service and by all means, should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can reach both of us at

Thank you

Frank and Tom