About Presspoint

Presspoint started life in 2011 as an internal framework for our custom CRM development agency. In 2013, we released PauPress, a standalone plugin version of the framework. Downloaded more than 7500 times  on the WordPress repository, it was consistently reviewed as the best CRM on WordPress.

In 2014, we did a complete overhaul of the UI and built out the feature set, and Presspoint as you see it today was made available for small and medium size businesses and nonprofits who rely on WordPress for their website.

We’re always looking for problem solvers for our development team and customer service group. Send us your resume if you’d like to join the team. We’re based in Portland, but if you have an internet connection that’s good enough.


Frank Neville-Hamilton

Frank has been a WordPress developer since 2006: in all those years there has yet to be a workflow he couldn’t address.

 He has managed the online properties for NPR affiliate WAMU in Washington, DC and consulted with everyone from startups to the WorldBank.