Standard Actions

Presspoint ships with some standard actions.


Notes are simply that – notes that allow you to record information about a user within the context of time and situation. By default, notes are not visible or editable by a user (and likely you’ll never want users to see your notes).


Logs are like notes in that they are available to Administrators only by default and that you’ll likely not want to share these with your users. Logs are different in that they record actions that happen at a specific point in time and they generally occur automatically. For example, when you import your users you can choose to add a log entry on their profile proving that they were imported at a specific point in time. Similarly, whenever a new user is created, a log entry is made on their profile to let you know the context under which they entered your system.


Files are called “Private Files” because while they are stored on your server in the standard WordPress file structure, they are not stored in the same way that your Media Files are stored in WordPress. Each user has a private gallery of files that either they upload or an Administrator uploads for them.