There are two types of emails you will generally send with Presspoint:

Transactional Emails “One-to-One”

Emails sent out automatically from Presspoint (eg. receipts for purchases and donations, form notifications or an email to reset a password) and emails sent to just one person are generally considered to be transactional emails because they impart specific information to a single person.

Transactional emails are most often automatic (eg. receipts) and they use default settings. You generally don’t have to think about them too much but you do need to plan for them. Most often, when you are sending out a small volume of emails a day (usually less than a couple dozen) you may be just fine using the inherent resources of your hosting company, assuming they offer that. But still, we recommend that you consider an email service.

Marketing Emails “One-to-Many”

One-to-many emails are usually sent for marketing purposes and contain a relatively static message, though you can merge dynamic personal information about the recipient from their profile. They are usually sent out manually from Presspoint to either a saved query or a dynamic selection via Reports.

When you send a one-to-many email you will most certainly require a service beyond your hosting company to deliver those emails.┬áThis is because your hosting company’s email service is generally limited and cannot handle the volume of one-to-many emails and furthermore, will not manage bounces, unsubscribes and is generally poor at delivering email due to all sorts of reasons, not the least of which are spam and security issues.

Furthermore, one-to-many emails require that you provide a method for recipients to tell you that they do not want to receive emails from you.