Content restriction

Presspoint allows you to restrict access to specific pages based on Smart Lists.

You can restrict access page-by-page, or close access to an entire class of content (then allow per-page exceptions).

Use-cases include registered-only areas, a page of downloads for a specific customer or just locking down to the site to “need to know.”

If a user is not authorized to see the page, then they will also no longer see the page listed in menus. If they use a direct URL, they will be stopped and presented with an optional message


You can restrict specific pages or posts with the Content restriction pane on each page.

TIP: Make sure you’re enabled Content restriction or this pane will not be on the page.


Restriction Choose which Smart List is allowed to see this content, or override a class-level restriction
Zone Set at what level the restriction is applied

  • Query: The user can’t see the title of the page or the content or anything
  • Post: The user can see the title, but not the content
  • Comment: The user can see the title and the content, but not comments
  • Discussion: User can see everything, can’t add comments

In all cases, Menus are hidden if any restriction is applied.

Message  Set the message that unauthorized viewers will see if they try to access the page.