Getting Started

Setting up profiles is a relatively simple process – there are five distinct steps:

Step One: Create your different profile types for Individuals and Organizations. From the Presspoint Settings page, under Profiles, simply choose “Setup.” On the Setup screen, you can create different types of Individuals and Organizations and, once you save your work, these types will be available to you throughout your installation.

Step Two: Create an Editable Profile and a Public Profile Template for each of your different types of Individuals and Organizations. From the Presspoint Settings page, click on “Templates” and from the Templates screen you can add a new type of profile template. When editing templates, you will be able to select which type of user you wish to build a template for (eg. an Individual or an Organization) and, further, you can choose which type of Individual or Organization will be managed by this template. You can only select one public and one editable profile per type of Individual or Organization. Once you have created the profile template, you can add or create new fields for capturing and displaying data and you may organize the fields however you like by simply dragging them to wherever you wish them to be.

Step Three: Enable user access. If you wish to allow your users to login and edit their profiles you can do so by visiting the option from the Presspoint Settings page called “User Access.” Here you will choose to either copy a link to your site navigation menus or, embed the form to login, logout or edit a profile using the shortcode. You can, of course, set limits on what a user can view and edit by editing the particular fields you would like to restrict.