Setup: Additional Options


Presspoint has additional options that extend commerce for Donations and Purchases.

Special Instructions
Applies to Donations, Purchases and Variable Purchases
For each item you can include instructions that will appear in the receipt the user receives as well as persist on the individual items saved to their account. This applies to both Donations and Purchases.

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Prorated Amounts
Applies only to Purchases and Variable Purchases
If you have items for sale that depreciate over time, you can set proration schedules to adjust the price relative to the current date in a given calendar year.

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Proxy Payments
Applies to Donations, Purchases and Variable Purchases
Proxy payments allows a purchaser or donor to assign an item to someone else whom they designate as the beneficiary. This is not a replacement for gift certificate purchases, per se. Some use cases are; when someone is buying multiple tickets to an event and they want each person to receive a ticket or, if a person is purchasing a membership where the member is an organization.

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Enabling Proxy Payments allows you to set whether the option to either show the option by default, hide it or require its use. Creating relationships allows you to set how the purchaser/donor and the recipients are related. Lastly, you can add a note above the fields to help guide the purchaser/donor in their decision.


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Applies to Purchases and Variable Purchases only
Restrictions allow you to restrict a purchase or variation to a specific individual or group of individuals by assigning permission to contacts captured by a saved query of your choosing. A common use case is to provide member and non-member pricing to establish membership benefits. In applying restrictions you can set the rules about how the restrictions are displayed.


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Create Coupons & Credits
Applies to Purchases and Variable Purchases only
Coupons & Credits are a useful way to create tangible benefits to a purchase. You can assign one-time benefits to be redeemed by a coupon or a credit that is created just for the purchaser. While the coupon or credit itself can be used by anyone, only the purchaser will have access to the unique code. When establishing the template on which the coupon is based, you can set appropriate rules to determine how long the coupon or the credit is good for and what specifically it can be used for.


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Payment Plans
Applies to Donations, Purchases and Variable Purchases
Payment plans allow you to create financial payments that recur cyclically, are payable in installments or, which never expire. These plans are covered in more detail in the related support articles.

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