Fields in Presspoint allow you to collect and display data. Because we use fields in so many different ways, Presspoint maintains a Field Library where each field that you create is stored and can be re-used anywhere else in Presspoint.This means that the same field you place on a profile can be the same field you’ll present in other locations like:

  • A form on your site
  • At checkout to collect customer/constituent data
  • On a directory where visitors can search your members
  • On an action so that you can update profile data easily
  • On a public profile or card to show specific information

Fields have some general settings which control how they are used and, when used in multiple locations, what the permissions and display preferences should be for those specific locations.

Important: There are two types of fields – Profile fields and General fields. Profile fields are used to store what we call “persistent information” about a contact (data that doesn’t change very often like their name) and they are mapped to the default WordPress usermeta table. General fields are used to store “event information” (data that is only relevant for one specific point in time like if they enjoyed an event) and are mapped to the default WordPress postmeta table.