Current Version: 3.8.4

User Access & Privacy

You may wish to allow your users to visit their profile and make changes. To do so they will need to be able to:

Login: By including a simple link {your_site}/paupress/login/ or a shortcode, users can login or reset a password using the Presspoint system. This allows you to present a login option without your users having to go to the WordPress backend or even knowing if your site runs on WordPress.

Edit Their Profile: You can send users directly to their profile on your site by including a simple link {your_site}/paupress/profile/ or a shortcode. This allows you to present a version of the profile that they can edit without your users having to go to the WordPress backend or even knowing if your site runs on WordPress. You as the administrator can determine which fields they can edit, which fields they can view and which fields are hidden and accessible only by administrators.

Once they are able to visit their profiles, they can view their Action history (you can control what they see and/or edit), their files, their payment plans (if you are including recurring or installment payments), change their password, browse related profiles (if a user can edit another user) or view any alert notifications on their account.

Logout: Logging out can be done directly from the profile but you can also include a link if you wish: {your_site}/paupress/logout/


Presspoint offers various privacy settings for your users. You can set the base conditions and overrides for the following aspects:

Public Profile Visibility: You can choose to let users opt-out of being shown publicly and also set the base condition to either public or private by default.

Public Profile Fields: You can choose to force users to maintain certain public fields or, you can allows users to override any default settings and manage their own privacy on a field-by-field basis.