Current Version: 3.5.4


Presspoint Commerce allows you to collect payments for just about any purpose.

By default there are three main commerce types:

  • Purchases (includes variations): allow you to take payment for any type of good or service.
  • Donations: allow you to take payments independent of an obligation for exchange.
  • Affiliates: allow you to have a presence for and link to another service (eg.

Within each transaction type, there are many commerce options to explore including but not limited to:

  • Payment Plans: You can setup payment plans to be Recurring, Non-Expiring or Installments and they can be a purchase or a donation. Once someone creates a plan, they can login to their account and manage the details that you have allowed.
  • Proxy Payments: At checkout a visitor can make a single payment but assign the individual line items to one or more additional entities.
  • Restricted Payments: Administrators can require a visitor to meet specific requirements in order to access a payment.