Field Settings

There are two main areas for settings when managing a field – the field preferences (universal) and the default/current form preferences (local).


Field Preferences

Determine the basic operation of the field and contain information about what type of field it is and how it behaves:

Name: The default name for a field. This should be thought of as the “Internal” name of the field for quick recognition and the actual label should be set in the Local Preferences.

Database Key: The field as it is identified in the database. You can set this manually for easy-to-recognize values when developing the site but otherwise, Presspoint will create a unique name for the field.

Field Type: This is preset when you add a new field but in some cases (eg. text/textfields and select/radio) you can switch between them once a field has been saved.

Choices: Depending on the type of field, this option may or may not appear. In the event that it does (eg. for select lists) you can specify the data that a user is presented with.

Defaults: Depending on the type of field, this option may or may not appear. In the event that it does (eg. for text fields) you can specify the default value to be used in case the user does not make a selection.

Public: This flag enables the field to be available for public display. Sensitive fields you may not want to be public so, this flag ensures that you have control.

Reports: This flag enables the field to be available for searching in the Reports section.

Sync: This flag enables the field to be influenced by data coming from outside the system. For example, if you are collecting query string variables (eg. from Google Adwords campaigns) you may want to name the field according to your query variables so that the data can be captured and saved against the contact’s profile.

Unique Identifier: In the event that you want this field to be a unique identifier for a contact in the system (eg. like a legacy database ID from a previous system) this flag will enable you to import a contact and match agains the value in this field.

Default/Current Form Preferences

These preferences can change based on the context in which the field is placed. These preferences are the default preferences when viewed in the library and refer to the default values while they are referred to as current form preferences when viewed within the context of a form, a profile or some other area in Presspoint. These preferences refer to what is presented alongside the field, how the field looks and who has permission to access the field:

Status: Where else has this field been used before.

Label: The public label for the field on this version of the field.

Label Position: How the label should be presented.

Help Text: The help text for this version of the field.

Help Position: How the help text should be presented.

Admin Permissions: This sets the permissions an administrator of the Presspoint database can have.

User Permissions: This sets the permissions a contact can have.

CSS Classes: You may add css classes (separated by commas) to aid in targeting and styling. These are added to the field proper and not to the container element(s).