Adding a Delivery Service

Presspoint creates a platform to build lists, format email templates and emails and manage the process of sending an email but in order to actually send email(s) out from your system you will need a delivery service. There are a few options to choose from:

1) Your Hosting Provider (Not Recommended)

Your site hosting provider likely has basic email capabilities which allow users to receive basic emails like password reset requests and the occasional receipt or form submission. Most hosting providers are focused on hosting and not email so, it stands to reason that they provide an email capability that is limited – meaning, when you exceed a pre-determined limit, emails stop going out.

2) SendGrid (Recommended)

SendGrid is a company that specializes in sending emails and they have the capability to send both transactional and marketing emails. We have built an integration with their platform that allows you to use their inexpensive transactional email engine for both transactional emails and marketing emails and collect statistics from those sent emails back into Presspoint. We recommend this approach because it is simple and cost-effective – you just set up one service and then forget about the difference between transactional and marketing emails.

3) MailChimp

Presspoint started out using MailChimp as the preferred method for sending marketing emails because their service was straightforward and built for integrations. MailChimp also offers a transactional email service called Mandrill so, together, you could cover each type of email scenario. However, because the two services are separate and require a fair amount of maintenance and attention, it is much more complicated than the SendGrid model and MailChimp’s pricing structure has become much more expensive. We still offer the ability to integrate with MailChimp’s email marketing service but it’s no longer a recommendation that we make. You can integrate their transactional service separately using their WordPress plugin to provide a simple integration for all non-marketing emails. No statistics for either of MailChimp’s services are available directly in Presspoint.

4) SMTP or a Plugin

Because this is WordPress you can integrate just about any transactional service with WordPress simply by signing up for their service and integrating that service either by installing a plugin or using our SMTP configuration screen to route emails to their sending service. No statistics will be captured by Presspoint but you can still logged sent emails on Presspoint user profiles.