You can attach commerce abilities to any post type in WordPress.

Many commerce systems default to a “store” or “shop” where you “sell” items. However, Presspoint is different.

With Presspoint, you can convert any page, blog post or custom post type into an item to be sold or, to collect donations on. This is done by simply adding commerce preferences to the post type and configuring the settings.

Each commerce item you create includes button codes and direct links so that you can display payment options anywhere you please.

That said, Presspoint does ship with two dedicated areas to make things easy:

  • Store: You can call your “store” whatever you like and it behaves like you would expect – a dedicated digital storefront where you can display purchases, donations and/or affiliate links. By default, you would find it at but you can easily rename your store to “shop” or “supermarket” as you like so that you would find it at
  • Financial Plans: You can call your “financial plans” whatever you like and they don’t need to be exclusively limited to plans. This is just a convenient place for you to gather your payment plans. Generally, most sites use this area to simply organize their donations or their recurring payment plans so as to keep their pages uncluttered. While there is no default front-facing view like “store” you can enable the ability to create public facing pages like That said, you can easily embed payment buttons and links generated by Presspoint.